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Winter spraying

Winter spraying

Spraying in different seasons reaches its peak in winter and spring. In these two seasons, due to the birth and movement of insects and climate change in our habitat, we see more of these pests around us.

When a gardener thinks about caring for fruit trees in the winter, the only solution he can think of is winter spraying the trees. This is to prevent damage and disease of fruit trees, including: peach leaves, crabs, apricots, etc. As in any field, it is clear that prevention is better than cure, because in fruit trees, if the tree is infested with pests, they will suffer more and more damage and loss of crops, and sometimes the tree itself.

Caring for fruit trees in winter After pruning fruit trees, you can spray it with poison to eliminate its pests and diseases.

The first thing we will need in this work is a spraying company in Tehran that does its job well and has the necessary skills to work so that the spraying company has been able to meet the needs of its customers and provide the most services at the lowest cost.

Winter spraying

Winter spraying is an effective way to protect fruit trees from plant pests and their seeds by spraying the chemical on the tree in late winter or early spring.

When it comes to a healthy and productive fruit tree, there are two big things you can do to help. The first is to get rid of any weeds and soil regularly to prevent food competition and contamination by pests and diseases, and another way is to provide preventive care such as spraying trees.

The best time to spray fruit trees is late winter or early spring. This effort helps protect trees from pests, larvae and their eggs, which improves the success of pest control during the growing season.

Notes :

Avoid spraying when the temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stir well before adding the oil to the desired amount of water and mix thoroughly.

Make sure it covers the entire surface of the branches and trunk (do not forget the branches)

The dilution ratios of the sprayer will vary depending on the type of tree you are spraying.

International Sprayer License 
Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

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