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Notes on insect spraying

Introducing a suitable poison for insects, insect spraying is used to protect against pests, especially with the onset of summer when the weather warms up, we will see pests such as mosquitoes, beetles, flies and beetles in the house and apartment. In this article, we are going to point out the important points in insect spraying, home spraying. Join us.

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Insects are troublesome creatures that enter the house through sewage and, in addition to pollution and allergens, have a bad and thoughtful appearance. Infections that enter the home environment by these insects will cause lung problems and dangerous diseases for the elderly, children and pregnant adulterers. Create family members.To prevent the multiplication and continuation of life of these vermin in the house, beetle spraying is used against them. Among these, there are important and basic cases in insect spraying that we must pay attention to when spraying, because if not used properly. Toxins in the home will cause problems for family members and they should be poisoned.

Choose the right time to spray the insects

Most people think that we should spray insects at the beginning of the heat season, if this is not correct.

According to experts, insect spraying should be done during their spawning season, ie autumn and winter, so that we do not see pests in our habitat when the insect eggs die in the hot season.

Insect spraying should be done when the insects are less active, for example, to kill beetles, it is better to spray at night.

Because their activity is more during the day. In contrast, to eliminate bedbugs and fleas, it is better to choose the day because night is the time of activity of these creatures.

Some pests, such as worms and mosquitoes, do not have a specific time to spray them and must be killed quickly.

Buy the right insect repellent

To choose the right poison to kill pests, it is better to get help from a home spraying expert, because of the variety of poisons in the market, consult with poison experts.

The type of insects in the home or workplace should be identified, and according to that, to prevent their reproduction, appropriate poison should be prepared and sprayed.

Safety tips before spraying insects

As you know, eliminating pests is not an easy task and requires care and training to get the desired spraying result, otherwise it will cause problems.

Be sure to consult with experts in this field and get help before spraying.

Choosing the right poison according to the experts’ recommendations, carefully studying the label on the poison and how to use it correctly, providing an environment for spraying and removing sensitive people such as children and the elderly from the environment, choosing the right time to perform spraying operations Safety is important before starting work, which must be observed.

When spraying, wear clothes and use appropriate shoes and masks, do not eat or drink separately until the end of the work and do not smell the poison in any way, do not keep the environment closed and open the windows during spraying. do.

For more information in this field, you can contact our experts.

Necessary measures after spraying insects

When spraying insects with safety beforehand by companies specializing in this field

And when the insect spraying operation is over, you should take the necessary measures after spraying in your home or workplace.

Sampashan experts and consultants will guide you in this regard.

Other people are asked when spraying vermin at home or at work.

To stay away from the environment for a while during and after the operation. Of course, for those people who have the disease or allergies, this issue is very important because the possibility of exacerbation of allergies in these people increases due to allergies. So better Children, the elderly, pregnant women, neurological, cardiovascular, and pulmonary patients should be more careful than others because they are sensitive to odors or particulate matter. There is more air and they have to be more careful.

Other necessary measures after spraying

Do not clean the environment immediately after spraying. Many people believe that there are toxins in the house and should clean the house immediately. This is incorrect because the effect of spraying is eliminated by cleaning and cleaning the environment.

Spraying is done to kill insects and pests, and if any insects are left.

Cleaning the environment keeps these insects alive and growing and reproducing in your environment.

Spraying experts tell you when the environment needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

But in general it is better not to clean the house a week after spraying.

To keep its effect in the environment and to kill insects that have not been destroyed during spraying over time and the effect of the poison.

Do not place wet paper in the corners of the house. Paper is a good food source for all kinds of insects and vermin.

It is best not to place the damp paper that you use to clean the windows of the house near the kitchen so that it does not attract insects and creatures.

Other things to do to prevent the growth and presence of pests

Also, to prevent the entry of insects and vermin, if there is a leak, repair their valves. Water and sewage pipes are one of the ways for insects and vermin to enter the house and workplace. If you see any leakage. Fix it quickly to block the entry of these insects and pests into the living environment.

As you know, the spraying of pests and insects with toxic and chemical substances is done by an expert.

Follow the necessary tips before or after spraying to avoid the slightest problem for your health and that of other family members.

Sampashan Spraying Company with a brilliant history in this field can guide you. For more information, contact the consultants of Sampashan Collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to detect toxins for pests? First of all, it is necessary to know that buying or using poison must be done by an expert and from a reputable spraying company. You can also get help for this with Sampashan Company. How can the growth and reproduction of this type of insect be prevented? Observing cleanliness and cleaning is one of the simplest methods you can do and then repair leaking water or sewage pipes that cause this type of insect to enter.

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