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Restaurant spraying

Pests are a serious threat to your business, and if you own a restaurant, it multiplies the health of your people and your customers. Rodents (mainly mice), beetles, ants, flies, mosquitoes, etc., all endanger the health and quality of your restaurant and will destroy the reputation of your restaurant and cost you dearly. will be. Restaurant spraying is one of the most important tasks in the food cooking industry.Today in our country there are some restaurants or fast foods that do not care about health. In a way, it can be said that only the appearance of the restaurant is beautiful and healthy, but the kitchen and food storage are not like that. As it turns out, the health of the food and the place where the food is prepared and cooked is very important and we should pay a lot of attention to this issue.

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Restaurant hygiene

As a restaurant owner, you work hard to make sure everything is done right and customers will visit your restaurant and enjoy your food and drink. Renovation and renovation of the restaurant, the beauty of the interior, maintenance of toilets and kitchen are some of the activities that maintain the health of the restaurant. However, pests will also be part of your customers to find food, water and shelter, and what better place than your restaurant …!

Restaurant health photos

Pests can be very dangerous and endanger human health due to the spread of diseases and the movement of germs. The food in the kitchen will spoil the restaurant and cause you annoyance. Repeated inspections by the health department will alert you first and will seal your business if the problem persists. But do not worry, the spraying specialists will help you as soon as possible and at the first contact, and will take action on spraying your restaurant and ways to eliminate pests.

Insects common in restaurants

The most common insects and pests seen in restaurants are small or German beetles, cabinets and kitchen beetles, mice, ants, flies and mosquitoes. These pests find their way to your restaurant to find food and reproduce there, and if you do not notice their presence soon, they will infect everywhere and inflict great damage on you.

Photos of common insects in restaurants

Ways to prevent insects and pests from entering the restaurant

You must first find out where the insects enter and cover all the seams and cracks with quality materials to prevent pests from entering the restaurant. In the next step, you can get help from a specialist to spray your restaurant and get rid of pests. Here are some ways to prevent pests:

  • Beetles need heat, moisture, food, shelter to survive.
  • Keeping the restaurant clean is one of the most important things you can do.
  • Keep food waste in special bags and lids and take it out of the kitchen and restaurant when done.
  • Use electric and automatic sliding doors to enter the restaurant.
  • Cover all seams and cracks in windows with sealants and use mesh for windows and vents.
  • Be sure to close the valves and the way of penetration and sewage.
  • Dining table preparation surfaces are the place where small beetles spread, so be sure to clean your table after work, wash the dishes and collect food.

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