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Willow spraying

What do moths look like?

moths wings: Usually have two pairs of wings that are covered in scale.

moths eyes: They have large, twisted, compound eyes.

moths size: The appearance and size of a moths varies depending on the species, some of which are very large and some small.

Color: There are species of moths that are shiny metallic in color. While some are dark brown or gray.

Most moths in the environment are less than 2 cm long and most are brownish brown or reddish brown.

How to find out about a moths?

There are many different types of willows, but homeowners often encounter moths on their clothes and sheets. The moths insect may lay eggs on home appliances as a food source or any other place.

moths moths, like Indian moths, eat dry goods such as cereals, nuts, flour, spices and chocolate. They contaminate things like clothes and underwear made from animal materials.

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International Sprayer License 
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How serious is the presence of a moths?

The extent of moths damage depends on their infestation and infection. Having a large number of them can be very costly and cause a lot of damage to the home and furniture. Moths remain after feeding perforated clothing and stains while feeding, while many foods may be destroyed by contamination.

How to get rid of moths?

What does the sprayer do?

This spraying company in Tehran has taken the necessary courses and has the necessary expertise for spraying willow and pests to help manage willow and similar pests that attack your homes and living space. The consultants of the spraying company will suggest the best methods to you dear ones.

The program for spraying moths is as follows:

  • Inspection and treatment plan
  • Customer training
  • Monitoring the polluted environment
  • Preparing the environment for the use of chemicals
  • Prevent the growth and proliferation of insects
  • Control of chemicals used

The use of pesticides or various toxins is not recommended in the treatment of moth infestation. Run it to your place of residence.

moths spraying

Symptoms of moths contamination in the environment:

Symptoms in your home or building strongly depend on the type of willow. Indoors, this type of insect is detected by adults. Because they fly around the room or rest on the surfaces. Moths are detected when feeding on eaten fabric. Cocoons and even their feces are signs of the presence of these insects in the house. Butterfly moths are also around food, which in time also contaminates food moths, which are more common in the corners of cabinets and walls.

moths behavior, habits and diet

The moths’s diet varies according to its type. They also feed on pollinators and rotten blood. Some moths are the main pests in the agricultural industry, while some of them complete it in their life cycle without any direct impact on humans. They are often a good food source for many animals including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders and even some plants. Indoors, homeowners are more likely to encounter these insects and willow pests that feed on food stored in storage or on discarded fabrics.

Damage caused by moths:

Although they are more famous for their ability to destroy woolen garments, cloth garments and various garments and other types of natural materials such as silk, hair, fur, and feathers are attracted to it.

moths  size:

This insect is between 2.5 and 5 cm long and is usually yellow.

Moth moth larvae, which are smaller and not large, are responsible for destroying clothing. They prefer fabric to more animals. moths may consume sweaters, blankets, rugs, decorative items, pillows and toys, but they prefer not to feed on synthetic fibers.

moths spraying

Where are they hiding?

They avoid light and are often found in dark places such as basements, attics and closets. In these places, moths can be found in folds of fabric or in the corners and sides.


moths are able to digest a large house and cause serious damage to clothing and furniture until people in the house realize it.

While some are harmless, others are known to kill nutrients, most of which are moths, earthworms, and harmful pests. South are mostly related to the fact that willow larvae can bite. Especially in agricultural communities, some populations can cause severe damage.

Fruit fields suffer from willow infestation, while cabbages and crops are often destroyed by moths.

There are some moths that consume cotton, tomatoes and corn. These larvae are commonly known as cotton worm, tomato worm, corn worm.

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