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Pigeon ticks Spraying

We receive calls from customers during the day seeking to get rid of pigeon mites. When these customers call us, they all have very similar situations. Usually something like this happens: “One or more people are bitten in the house or attacked by a tiny insect that we really can’t see, but we can feel.” We have contacted several spraying companies in our area and some do not want to get involved and others have come, they can not find anything, but they came and sprayed pigeon ticks after coming home and checking, but our problem has not been solved yet! What should we do now?

Identify pigeon ticks

When a customer encounters an insect, they can not see it, the first thing to do is to try to identify it correctly before using the insecticide. It can be difficult to find one of the insects that is so small that you can not really see it, and for more information you can read the article What is a pigeon tick? Try placing a white, transparent cloth near areas where you have a lot of activity.If you suspect these pests are present in your body, you can use a light-colored brush on the top of your head and absorb it when brushing. Pigeon ticks can usually be shaped this way. Try to look at the brush with a magnifying glass. If an insect is found on the shoulder, you should contact your local pest control and spraying company and request an insect identification. There were many instances in which the customer was sure that they had “ticks” when in fact they had a type of mosquito that was very similar to ticks. The treatment process for killing pigeon mites at home is very different from the treatment you will need for regular mites.

Spraying pigeon ticks

Cleaning the environment and destroying the pigeon nest

Once the pigeon mites have been properly identified, the process of treating and preventing them from entering can begin.

Find the source of the infection and where they reproduce. Birds, dead birds, poultry, birds in chimneys or attics, birds around air conditioners can all be sources of pigeon infestation in your home. Destroy any old nests or dead birds.

The use of a vacuum cleaner and the cleanliness of the home environment greatly reduces the number of mites. Make sure carpets, curtains, and furniture are thoroughly cleaned. Vacuum cleaner bags should be removed from the vacuum cleaner immediately and sealed in a garbage bag and placed in the freezer, as this will kill the parasites. If your vacuum cleaner is not a bag, just put the contents of the trash in an empty bag and then put it in the freezer.

Wash everything. Wash and dry all clothes in contaminated areas. You may want to do this several times a week as the onslaught continues.

Use a pigeon mite venom: Spray on sofas, chairs and other furniture that you may rest on. Remove all seams and cracks in the walls of the house and use sealants around the doors and windows to prevent pigeon mites from entering the house. Spray all the parts that you think these pests are there, such as carpets, beds, furniture, etc. It is very important to read the label and follow the instructions. The use of insecticides at higher concentrations is not recommended, it does not make them “stronger” but only makes them more resistant. The mites only move away from the areas where you used the insecticide.

If you are not successful, get help from a pest control company

Dealing with insects and pests becomes difficult when the work is done and will require sufficient equipment and information, which is the best way to contact a pest control company to spray pigeon mites professionally. Sampashan collection with more than 10 years of experience, accompanied by its experienced experts, is ready to serve you, dear customers, around the clock.

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