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Warehouse spraying

To store food or any equipment that is mainly available, we need a large space such as a warehouse or treasury. One of the most common warehouses where pests or insects are seen is the food warehouse, which if they comply with the standards, will be infested with pests and infected insects will spread on the surface of the warehouse. One of the best ways to eliminate these destructive agents in the warehouse is to seek help from a spraying specialist.The spraying company has considered these consulting services for everyone for free, and after dispatching the consulting staff and correctly diagnosing the problem in the area, the specialists of the spraying group of the warehouse will clean the place from any contamination. As you know, spraying the warehouse and the treasury should be done by a skilled force so as not to damage the product inside the warehouse. In addition to preventing damage to the warehouse, the health of the people present and the staff inside the warehouse should also be taken into consideration. Therefore, it is better to observe all aspects for spraying the warehouse and the company you want, and be sure that by choosing the sprayer group, you have guaranteed the warehouse goods and the health of your employees.

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International Sprayer License 
Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

Pests in stock:

A number of animals that attack crops that spread various diseases and viruses in stock. Researchers have estimated that 800,000 species of insects are involved in the extinction of plants.

Farmers who have tried to reap the benefits of their efforts during the year, after harvesting their crop, send it in large quantities to the warehouse, which if the warehouse is not in good condition, which is like a suitable place and weather conditions It will quickly become a good breeding ground for insects and animals as it provides all the conditions.

A large number of insects and animals such as beetles, mites, rodents, etc. that cause damage to stock products have a great impact on quality, commercial value, product price and even the destruction of the product. In the tropics, these damages will naturally be greater.

Warehouse spraying

Harmful factors in stock:

There are two groups that include living factors and non-living factors. Living agents such as insects and animals, microorganisms (fungi, molds and bacteria) and birds. Non-living factors such as: weather, storage location

Tips to prevent warehouse pests:

– First of all, the warehouse place should be located in a suitable place.

– The cleanliness of the warehouse is very important

– The roof and walls of the warehouse should be healthy, smooth and without any seams and cracks

– The floor of the warehouse should be healthy and impervious to water and moisture

– It should have a ventilation system and its windows should be adjusted so that pests do not worship it.

The warehouse should be sprayable and can be easily disinfected

– The color of all warehouses should be white

– The products that are delivered must be clean, healthy and dry

– One of the most important points is that old warehouse products should not be mixed with new warehouse products

– Material storage bags and boxes should be clean and free of any drops and contamination

Empty warehouse must be clean and tidy before receiving new product

All products must be at least half a meter away from the wall

– Pallets and wooden molds should be placed under the products

– The warehouse should be inspected regularly and its condition should be checked by sampling the product

After noticing the presence of pests in the warehouse:

– Identification of colonies

– Blocking the colonies

Eliminate pest carcasses

Tips to be observed when spraying the warehouse:

– All joints and gaps and any way of penetration must be closed

– On days when there is a strong wind, she refused to spray

-After spraying, the product should be harvested

-After the first period spraying, if the pest is observed again or the creatures are temporarily away from the place and return to the place and have not been in contact with the spraying material to be destroyed, you should contact the spraying team until the second stage of spraying. To be completely eradicated from the warehouse.

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