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Mosquito spraying

Mosquito information and identification

They belong to the bipolar group. That’s why they only have one pair of wings. They usually have long, slender legs and a prominent snout head. Their bodies are usually covered by wings in smaller mosquitoes. Adult size may be from 3 to 9 mm.

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International Sprayer License 
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Behavior and diet of mosquitoes

Adult female mosquitoes use the blood to help produce their best-known eggs. What is less well known is that adult males and females feed on the nectar of flowers. The larvae feed on different species based on different species, mostly consuming food and small aquatic organisms. However, some of these species are predators and consume other mosquitoes. Adults prefer to be more active from sunset to dawn, but they are also active in cloudy, sunless weather, which is a bit dark. Because they may dry out in the sun and die.

Mosquitoes or flies?

They can be confused with flies. Mosquitoes have long legs and a long snout that bite female mosquitoes from humans and pets to use their blood to lay eggs. Flies do not bite, and even long-legged flies are usually much smaller than mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are annoying pests and can spread diseases such as Willis Nile virus, dengue and malaria. However, these insects are a threat to family health.

Mosquito spraying

Mosquito reproduction

Male mosquitoes have breeding antennae that can be distinguished from females. After mating, females normally need to eat blood to lay eggs. The female often lays eggs in standing pools of water, but man-made or man-made resources can also include bird nests, buckets, and even pits. The number of eggs varies from species to species, but can be more than 100 eggs in one mating and spawning. Popes are called female suspended in the water because of their movements. The adult mosquito comes to the surface of the water from the pup in the water, and its external skeleton gradually hardens.

Signs of a mosquito attack

Signs of their activity include buzzing and biting females. People have different reactions to the bite, from mild to severe inflammation and severe swelling.

Difference between male and female mosquitoes

Many differences between male and female mosquitoes are impossible without a magnifying glass or laboratory microscope. Of course, a few differences can be discerned.

The differences between male and female mosquitoes are:

Adult male mosquitoes do not eat blood while females eat blood. Of course, there are several species of adult female mosquitoes that are not completely bloodthirsty and feed on plants and other sugars, just like males.

The mouthpiece of the mosquito, which extends from the mouth, is relatively flat in females and somewhat dense in males.

Hair on mosquito antennae helps to hear. Male antennas are very large, while female antennas have a smooth appearance without branching.

In general, males are smaller than females and have a shorter life span.

How to behave against mosquitoes

The mosquito control plan begins with professional pest management, which includes a thorough inspection and identification of the type of mosquito. When the inspection and identification of the spraying Sampashan Company is completed, the pest management staff will prepare a control plan that will provide advice and assistance to reduce the distribution of mosquitoes as well as the use of essential chemicals. The best way to prevent their spread is to spray mosquitoes.

Mosquito development sites are either real or potential. They typically grow in a man-made natural or artificial place that collects water. Some areas where water collects after rain include: floating water spaces, water around pool fountains, water collected in cans, children’s swimming pools, unmanned boats, holes Tree litter and garbage and debris that hold water is where mosquitoes gather.

Provide advice to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house

This is very important because many mosquitoes rest in the vegetation around the house during the day.

Some of the chemical products that are needed for treatment are:

Use insecticides to cover vegetation in an area where adult mosquitoes use as resting places.

Use of insect growth regulators that prevent mosquitoes from growing in the aquatic environment.

Use of microbial insecticide products that cause death from mosquitoes in the aquatic environment.

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