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Frequently Asked Questions by Tiny Beetle

In this section, you can find the answers to all your questions about beetles and spraying this pest, or if you have a new question that does not have an answer in this section, you can ask it at the end of this article.

Yes, there are not at least ten beetles for each small beetle, so you have at least 20 small beetle cabinets in the kitchen and you can call 09192004096 for spraying.

You should throw away all the food that the small beetle has entered and call 09192004096 for spraying.

The small beetle first eats them and then eats them, so any virus that has a small beetle can spread to food and then to humans, causing dangerous diseases. Call 09192004096 to kill the beetle.

After spraying, all clothes should be washed with boiling water for 10 minutes and the dishes must be rinsed only.

At least your restaurant needs to spray the small beetle cabinet twice, with an interval of 14 days, and each time the poison should stay in the restaurant environment for ten hours, call 09192004096 to spray the restaurant.

Yes, it is possible to spray even inside electrical appliances due to the large number of beetles, but normally inside and behind kitchen cabinets it is completely sprayed.

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The female beetle usually carries the eggs inside the capsule behind it, but it has been observed that sometimes it leaves the eggs in the crevices and grooves of cabinets and walls before hatching.

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The tiny beetle eats almost all organic matter and is said to be omnivorous, but prefers more carbohydrates and proteins to glucose.

With 09192004096, we answer the questions of our fellow citizens in Tehran around the clock

It does not matter, both have their drawbacks

Metal cabinets at the bends usually have cracks and grooves, which is the best place for cabinet beetles to live.

Wet MDF cabinets get wet and moldy, which is the best place to raise eggs and offspring of cockroaches.

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All toxins are dangerous for all ages, but more so for pregnant women and children, and they should leave the sprayed area for 48 hours and clean the surfaces that come in contact with the hand before returning home.

For more information, call 09192004096

Clean all utensils and surfaces of the house with empty water and a towel, and finally you can use a little dishwashing liquid and clean the sprayed surfaces. For spraying advice, call 09192004096.

The poison should be left in the environment for at least 48 hours to get the best results from spraying, and any area that comes in contact with the hand should be cleaned, the areas that step on the foot do not need to be cleaned.

Different toxins can be used for spraying small cabinet beetles. If the toxins are powdery, they are odorless, and if they are liquid, they are odorous toxins. Of course, we also have gel-like toxins that are odorless.

Adults 6 to 7 hours, but pregnant women, the elderly and infants 48 hours out of the house

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All open, closed and food items should be placed inside kitchen cabinets, in large plastic and tied so that the materials are not poisoned by spraying.

The dishes inside the cabinets should be washed 24 hours after spraying and there is no need to collect the dishes. There may be beetle eggs or baby beetles left in the dishes.

Spraying advice and guidance 09192004096

Look at the floor of the cabinets. Small grains like pepper if you see beetle droppings are small and the house should be completely sprayed.

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Yes, the beetle is active at night and enters from under the front door of your house and usually enters the kitchen and cabinets in search of food and stays there. To prevent this, you only need to make sure that the front door is sealed so that Do not loosen the closure.

Beetle house spraying 09192004096 24 hours a day

Only spraying will solve the problem of your small cabinet beetle and never use an insect repellent device, this device will spread the beetles in all rooms, cupboards, receptions, etc.

The tiny beetle even enters the electrical appliances of the house such as washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, stove, toaster, etc. to escape the sound waves of the DH machine, and it becomes more difficult to control and eliminate the beetles at this stage.

Remember that sound waves do not penetrate in some spaces and small beetles dig in the same areas and live.

Sprayer sound 09192004096

Yes, dear friend, if only the kitchen is sprayed, all the beetles will flow towards the rooms and the reception and go into the wall cupboards, so the whole floor of the house should be sprayed to get a 100% result of spraying. For immediate spraying, call 09192004096.

Your first beetle should enter your home from the outside environment, but not cleaning the kitchen is definitely not ineffective in laying beetles, and when food is provided for the beetles inside the kitchen cabinets and the floor, your house beetles will multiply one hundred percent in one month. We are at the service of Tehran's citizens for spraying small house beetles with 09192004096

Try contacting the same spraying company and sending them a 5-second video of your live beetle, and if you have a written spraying warranty, they will spray it for you a second time, although the number of tiny beetles in your home may be too high. It is normal and needs to be sprayed twice from the beginning, or the spraying company may have used a weaker poison for you at a lower dose in the spraying. For more information, contact the spraying company at 09192004096.

Do not wash the house for 72 hours and receive a written guarantee from the relevant spraying company with the seal and address of the company and be sure to observe the principles of environmental improvement. To receive environmental improvement methods, call 09192004096 Sampashan Spraying Company.

Wash the whole kitchen with boiling water and if there is no answer, spray the beetle cabinet with the help of spraying company.

By cartons, home shopping bags, from inside the neighbor's kitchen and in general, any outside purchase that enters your home through cartons can transmit beetle contamination into your home, more information at 09192004096

Elderly and sick people, infants, pregnant women should not be at home for 24 hours and normal people for 5 hours, and after returning home, only wipes and water containers should be drawn on the cabinets.

Spraying at home, restaurants and companies depending on the floor and kitchen area takes about half to an hour, for biological spraying, call 09192004096

Small beetle spraying does not depend on the season and the month, and whenever you see small beetle cabinets in the kitchen, call 09192004096 immediately to spray the small beetle in the kitchen.

The cost of beetle spraying depends on the size of your home, restaurant and company, and where it is located in Tehran. To estimate the cost of beetle spraying, call 09192004096.

Never crush the beetle with slippers, there are many infections and viruses inside the beetle's intestines and stomach that you can crush and release at home.

All the information that the spraying expert has mentioned to you about improving the environment of your restaurant, home, workplace and company, which will not bother you for many years if you make the reminders, call 09192094096 for spraying and improving the restaurant.

In spraying your home, toxins are used that are nervous, digestive, which after spraying, the smell of the poison causes the death of the beetle and the beetles coming out of their shelter. That's why the floor of your restaurant and workplace is full of dead beetles

Call 09192004096 to spray the restaurant

If the tiny beetle in your home is too much or has penetrated into electrical appliances and into rooms, it may need to be sprayed twice. Call 09192004096 for spraying.

If infants and the elderly are indoors, the poison can be used as a gel bait, but if you do not want the house to get dirty and you do not have the patience to clean, powder poison is used as bait in the spraying, but spraying as bait takes two weeks to kill the beetles. Destroy

For beetle spraying with powder and jelly toxins, call 09192004096

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