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Bee spraying

Information and identification of bee insects

What do bees look like?

Bees found around the world are regular winged insects that live upstairs in the family. There are more than 20,000 registered species of bees in the world. Pluto, one of the largest bees, is reported to be about 3.9 cm long, while the smallest species, Predita, is about 2 mm long. The bees may be black or brown with a red, yellow or blue stripe.

Bee eating habits and behavior

While some bees are solitary, bees are extremely social. Bees consist of 3 classes: queen bee – bee – female bee – male bee

The queen lays bee eggs during her lifetime, and these queens normally live for 5 years, but most of them live for 2 to 3 years. Male bees are only there to fertilize the queen and die very soon after their operation and have a short lifespan. Many of the tasks are performed by the worker bee, which is responsible for the survival of the hive, whose average lifespan is about 6 weeks.

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International Sprayer License 
Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

Bee reproduction

The body of all bees has a lot of hair, which is a vital feature for collecting pollen from flowers and plants. Plants often attract bees by pollination. There are many species of female bees that have hairs on the back of their legs that form an empty basket, and when the bees are placed on a flower, pollen grains are placed in the empty basket and the hair.Cross-pollination occurs when hanging pollen grains are distributed to other flowers because the bees disperse the pollen as they fly. However, only female bees can transmit these pollens. All bees can use flowers and nectar, but the bee spreads pollen. Flower nectar is their source of energy.Pollens are both adult and growing bees because they contain protein and other nutrients necessary for their survival. Bees have the property of turning nectar into honey, which, depending on their type, is collected in a hive or bee colony.

Bee spraying

Bee group

Beekeeping is well documented and well known. Beekeeping is not normally considered a threat unless you encounter an Africanized bee. Bees do not have a nest to defend, so they are less defensive, but they will still be stimulated.

Beekeeping usually occurs in colonies that grow or have a strong and large population. Some bees may not grow until their populations are stronger and larger. These insects may be weakened by starvation, disease, or failed queens, and a number of factors can cause this problem, including seasonal changes and overpopulation.

Bee groups include workers and the queen leaving the main colony. They usually gather in a resting place after leaving a colony and often in a tree. Surveys are conducted between the bees and they choose a new place and a path and go straight to the desired place and start nesting.

There are two types of bees: primary and secondary. The queen bees guide the early bees, which pose a great threat to the workers, who must take care to protect the queen’s eggs. The secondary group is led by young male bees and as a result this group is half the size of the primary group and this often does not happen.

Bee spraying

Bee control

While bees can help your environment in many ways, their presence near you is unsafe and dangerous to be in a hive near your home.

It is important to identify bees correctly because bees are mistaken for similar physical characteristics. There are different processes for killing bees, so you need to know the practical strategies as well as the limitations and risks associated with each method. One way to kill wild bees is to use bee spraying. The best way to deal with them. Spraying bees in Sampashan company by skilled experts is one of the best ways to destroy them.

The only way to get rid of annoying bees is to completely remove the hive, and this requires the use of the right tools and strategies and the need to take action to control the bees, which the bee spraying company in Tehran has made easy for you.

Types of bees:

Killer bees, carpenter bees, bees, killer bees, paper bees

Frequently Asked Questions :

What is a wasp or wild bee?

Bee poison

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