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Building spraying

In different seasons of the year, when the earth’s temperature changes, various insects enter the building through grooves, seams and even plumbing holes, etc., which the spread of these pests throughout the environment is considered as a big problem and is eliminated. It is possible to remove them only by spraying the building. If you find a large number of these insects in your building, be sure to spray your building and house at the first opportunity so that it does not cause more damage to your health and to the building and other neighbors.

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International Sprayer License 
Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

Three different types of buildings that are exposed to pests

Single and multi-unit apartments and commercial buildings are all vulnerable to pest infestation in a variety of ways. The apartment complexes are designed for families in several units, which means that there are many opportunities to find food and warm places to build insect nests. They may get their food source from trash cans or from leftovers on the ground. It is very difficult to maintain the necessary level of cleanliness to prevent the infestation of pests in multi-family apartment complexes. If contamination is detected, residential and commercial buildings should be sprayed immediately by a specialist to prevent the spread of pests.

Residential apartments:

The units in the apartment often have problems with a variety of pests. This does not always happen because it is not clean, but it can speed up the onslaught. Delays and negligence in eliminating pests and spraying the apartment can help the presence of pests and cause irreparable damage to the building. As new tenants enter the building,They may inadvertently bring small insects to the bed or other insects with objects or clothing. These types of household items may be endangered during transportation, allowing insects to enter the property and lay eggs without ever being detected. Once these pests find their way into the apartment, the process can be very difficult to control. They reproduce quickly and spread to the adjacent units of the residential complex and …!

Photo of apartment spraying
Photo of apartment spraying

Commercial buildings:

Commercial buildings are characterized by unique challenges when it comes to pest control. This is especially true for restaurants and other businesses. Food and drink attract pests, and if insects are seen in the yard, any business will be harmed. This can have a significant impact on the company’s revenue.If this problem grows with the influx of pests, the business can close and destroy that business. There are more entry points for pests to invade commercial buildings, and precautions must be taken to ensure that these areas are treated with effective remedies. The first way to control pests is to close the entrances and exits, and by doing so you will surround them and then you can destroy them forever with the help of a spraying company.

Photo of spraying shops and commercial buildings
Photo of spraying shops and commercial buildings

Single unit homes and houses

Single-family homes are vulnerable to pest infestation, as children often grow up in these homes. Children are accustomed to cluttering and dirty their homes, and this can attract pests. In some cases, this dirt in your home may be vulnerable to neighbors who do not take good care of their garbage, and this can allow rodents and other organisms to explore the environment for additional sources of water and food. Be for your home. Homes contain many cracks and seams in windows and doors and plumbing, and often run through each other through the roof. If there is no strong pest control agent, pests can enter the house. In these environments, you have to do your best to clean the environment and put your garbage in special bags and bins with lids, and then fix all the seams and cracks, and if the problems are not solved to prevent Pest spread Be sure to use the spraying services of home sprayers.

Photos of ways pests enter the house and home
Photos of ways pests enter the house and home

Prices for spraying buildings and apartments

Residential and commercial buildings are one of the most common places for pests. Insect control is a very difficult task due to the variety and size of the units in these apartments, and for greater efficiency, all people are required to observe hygiene and obey the laws in this regard. The price of building spraying depends on the extent of the work and the space of the building and the type of pests available. The most common insects are small and large beetles that infect the units, and in some cases, bedbugs. The price and cost of spraying the building must be expert and you will be notified of the workload package and the amount of poison required for the cost.


Features of the best building spraying company

With a little research, you will find that Sampashan Company, with its brilliant history, has the best spraying specialists and benefits from the most up-to-date methods in the world. They use the field to do less harm to you. Otherwise, if you ask a non-professional company to do this, you should know that in the future, children and adults, pregnant women and middle-aged people, etc., are at risk of disease. They threaten their heart, kidneys, lungs, etc., and for more information, you can read about the dangers of home spraying.

In most buildings, there is a colony of insects, pests, their birthplace and even underground animals in warm places such as bathrooms and kitchens, motor homes, basements and also around the sewer pipe.

Building spraying

The actions taken by the spraying company before spraying the building are:

  • People do not get sick at home, including children and adults, and they also have to leave the area when spraying.
  • In the current situation, if possible, remove the food from the spray site so as not to spoil it, or if it is not possible to remove the food, be sure to cover them.
  • Keep animals, birds and any living things away.
  • Before doing anything, ask the free consultation of Sampashan company to visit the desired place and they will put the best solution in front of you.

Steps to be taken after spraying the building:

  • Avoid contact with the spray-contaminated environment.
  • If food gets contaminated in your home or building, be sure to throw it away.
  • Rinse the environment after spraying.
  • Be sure to cover the sewage inlets and any gaps and environments inside the building to prevent these insects from entering your home or building in the future.

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