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Common questions of flea insects

In this section, you can find the answers to all your questions about fleas and flea sprays, or if you have a new question that does not have an answer in this section, you can ask it at the end of this article.

Before spraying coke, only food should be placed in a large plastic bag

6 hours, but if you have young and old people, do not be at home 24 hours after spraying

Yes, up to an hour after spraying your house, there is an odor and it gradually disappears, to send a photo of the flea insect, call 09192004096 WhatsApp.

24 hours after spraying, you can mop the floor and vacuum, open the windows to change the air in the house.

By pets taken outside the home. By people who work in livestock, poultry and places where animals are kept. Homeowners can bring fleas home with them if they go to nature.

Fleas feed on the blood of humans, animals and birds

The flea lays its eggs in the host body and in some cases the eggs fall on the ground, carpets, soil and plants and can lay up to 50 eggs a day.

No, it has never happened before that flea spray is applied a second time and you are given a one-year guarantee that you will be comfortable.

Only the whole house should be vacuumed, even the gaps and grooves on the sofas and finally the vacuum cleaner bag should be thrown away.

Yes, cucumber plague and typhus and a number of pathogenic parasites are transmitted to humans and other animals through fleas.

Contact the spraying company and spraying experts at 09192004096. Never spray yourself. This will cause harm and poisoning to yourself and your family.

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