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Lice spraying

Information and identification of lice insects

These insects belong to the family Pediculidae.

What do lice look like?

Adult lice are 2 to 4.2 mm long, oval and smooth. They are grayish white and have hooks at the end of their toes.

Behavior and habits of mosquitoes

Lice are viruses or parasites that prey on mammals and birds. There are several species of lice, and only certain species that rely on humans.

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International Sprayer License 
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Bird lice

They are lice that feed on the human body and may be found on the seams of clothing. Because birds can have lice, birds can also spread lice. Lice pills are also used to kill this type of lice.

Head lice

Head lice are one of the most common human parasites and this does not indicate impurity. Lice can be present on short or long hair, although they nourish and need it. Human head lice are often found behind the ears, above the hairline and below the neck. Mosquito eggs are in the form of white patches that attach to the hair shaft, which are close to the scalp and around the hair roots.

Body lice

Body lice are similar to head lice, although they put on human clothing instead of skin. There are some people who wear their clothes several times in a row and some do not wear them until the clothes are washed. If the hygiene of clothes is not observed, it is a good environment for the growth of body lice. Symptoms include severe itching and redness of the skin, which in some cases can lead to a skin infection.

Ways of transmission:

Is through direct and indirect. A) Direct: In this method, this type of parasite is transmitted through an infected person to a healthy person. In places where people live in groups, it is easier to transmit the disease. It is more possible in places such as boarding schools, barracks, kindergartens, schools, especially in elementary and preschool, where children play more.

B) Indirect: In this method, the infected person’s personal belongings, including combs, towels, cosmetics, sanitary ware, clothing, bedding, pillows, scarves, etc.

Suitable temperature for lice:

When the body temperature of the living thing is not in the right state, it will leave. The best temperature for lice parasites is between 35 and 39 degrees. Before reproducing most of these pests, you should spray specialized lice in your home.

Can body lice spread the disease?

Body lice (Pediculus humanus) can spread the epidemic typhus (Rickettsia prowazekii), Bartonella quintana fever and Borrelia recurrentis fever. Although typhus is no longer common, it is still prevalent during the war. Troubles, natural disasters, or in the corners of prisons where people live in unsanitary conditions occur. Be common to the general public.

Infection through direct contact with a person with a lice bite and lice infection through contact with clothing, bedding, linen or towels, etc. The infection is spread. However, it is more common in countries that do not have adequate access to water and sanitation. The only way to get rid of it completely is by spraying head lice. You can prevent them from multiplying and spawning by spraying.

Lice spraying

Lice reproduction

The reproduction and development of lice varies depending on the species. Female lice produce 50-100 lice eggs, which they give to the human head, and in the body lice type, about 200 eggs are placed in a person’s clothes and stored.

Control measures to prevent contamination:

– Do not use other people’s personal belongings in any way. Especially: towels, clothes, scarves, combs, hats, etc.

Wash your clothes regularly

– Be sure to dry and iron your clothes and also expose them to the sun as needed

– Take a regular bath and be clean

If you are infected, remove the lice or the lice egg and make sure there are no insects left on the attacked surface.

If necessary, use permethrin solution, lice venom – lice pill

Signs of lice infestation

Symptoms of lice may include inflammation of the skin and severe itching and scaling of the scalp, or symptoms of small white insects on clothing or hair. Lice chicks are an important indicator of head lice.

Severe itching is caused by an allergic reaction to bites containing the virus. Common symptoms of these infections are body fat. Like other lice infections, severe itching can lead to scratching and can cause sores and bacterial infections of the skin. When the body’s allergies persist for a long time, many areas of the skin become darker, especially in the middle of the body, causing a condition called “vegan disease.” The best way to get rid of lice spray is to completely destroy the insect.

Treatment of head and body lice

If you suffer from this disease and have a serious problem, you can get rid of this insect for the definitive treatment of head lice by using a wooden comb with small teeth and head lice venom. You should get a special medicine from the pharmacy where you live, which is called permethrin solution, and wash your hair, body or clothes with a special solution in the bathroom without using soap or any other chemical, and comb the wood for the comb. Use hair extensions.After bathing, spread a white cloth and comb the hair well from the roots so that the creatures stick to the comb and separate from your head. If some insects remain on the hair, you should remove them by hand. All clothes, scarves, hats and linens, etc. should be boiled well with water for about 30 minutes to eliminate lice and jealousy. These acne medications that are available in pharmacies will easily get rid of these insects and are the enemy of lice. If you have a skin infection on your head or body, be sure to see your doctor.

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