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Hospital spraying

Hospitals must be free of any contamination in terms of germs and pests and it is very important. People who go to the hospital are patients who are weak in terms of the body’s defense system that has caused the disease in them. And become more.To avoid these potential dangers to eliminate germs and common pests among the equipment and even the hospital building, which are mice, beetles, insects such as ticks, bedbugs, etc., the large spraying company recommends hospital spraying, which is complete. All these pests should be repelled from the hospital building and these creatures should not be observed in the hospital with more observance. This is done only by spraying specialists. As you know, if the operation is not performed by a skilled and trained staff, there is a possibility of more serious risks.

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International Sprayer License 
Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

The environmental hospital is full of people from different walks of life who live in different cultures and environments and all kinds of people are in that environment, so unknown and even rare factors may be found in the hospital environment. For this reason, the spraying team suggests spraying the hospital in every season.

Hospital spraying, which is done professionally by trained staff, is one of the services of the spraying company, and the company’s goal is maximum positive impact and minimum cost, which prevents damage to the environment, plants and even humans.

Hospital spraying

Measures taken to prevent pests from entering the hospital:

All beds in the hospital should be painted in light white.

– Hygiene of the roof and the environment of the building is one of the most important factors.

– Broken doors and glass should be replaced as soon as possible.

– To better identify contamination and germs, the color of the walls and doors should be light and white.

Avoid leaving plants in pots and fresh soil.

All walls, seams and corners of the building, doors and windows must be completely healthy and without fractures and insects.

– In all rooms, the trash should be metal, without rust, metal and should be regularly disinfected.

– All sheets, blankets, bedspreads should be washed regularly and disinfected.

Steps to be taken before spraying the hospital:

– At the first sight of contamination, germs, pests, contact the free spraying consultants.

– After consulting, determine the appropriate time for spraying the building.

– Remove food items from the place or cover them completely.

Children, middle-aged people, pregnant women and patients with heart, kidney, lung and allergy problems should stay away.

What to do after hospital spraying:

– Be diligent to keep the environment clean after the operation.

If necessary, step measures should be taken.

– Do not leave items that can not be used in the parking lot, storage, home boiler.

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