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Snail spraying

Statistics and information on snails and scorpions

What do snails look like?

Rob scorpion is a soft and strong animal. Depending on the species, adults can have 25 to 100 mm. Snails are also soft and strong animals. They have oysters with them and can retreat into them. In harsh conditions, they can seal their shell or shell and stay inside for several years.

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How to get snails and scrap metal?

Provides moist plants, shallow rocks, weeds, collapsed timber, all hiding places for snails. Humidity is an important and vital issue for snails. Because they are negatively affected by dry conditions and moisture loss. Wet places are very attractive for snails and it is better to have a food source nearby. Both snails and lizards feed on fruits, leaves, flowers, etc., especially those spilled on the ground.

The importance of snails and lizards:

While they do not pose any physical danger to people, they cause disturbance and breakdown when they enter the house. They can cause significant damage to crops, plants and gardens. These pests cause many holes in the crops with their damage and they can eat whole loaves. Snails and scorpions enjoy eating violets, strawberries and lettuce.

Snail spraying

How can Sampashan Company help us?

The experts of Tehran Spraying Company have received the necessary training and acquired sufficient skills to help get rid of and manage the destruction of snails and scorpions. The unique management methods of the spraying company consist of three important stages: evaluation, implementation and monitoring.

Sampashan company can provide suitable solutions to keep and control pests in your place of your home. For more information about snail spraying and high school spraying, contact the spraying experts in your area to provide the necessary assistance to you dear ones.

Symptoms of a snail in your area:

Homeowners often do not see the snails’ footprints but find narrow paths instead. These routes are only visible for a few days. Damage to food and nutrition at home can also be a sign of their presence.

Snail behavior, diet and habits:

Where are they hiding:

Robs and snails hide in dark, damp places during the day. They remain under wood and stone and under the ground. They also hide under plants and shallow areas. At night they go out and eat. All snails and scorpions leave a slimy footprint.

What did they eat:

They both ate snails and plant leaves. Because snails need calcium in their diet. If the limestone is not large, it is sometimes fed on painted surfaces.

Snail spraying

Snail reproduction:

Both snails and larvae lay their eggs in spring and summer. They protect snail eggs in humid environments at the desired location. The snail covers its eggs with soil. The eggs are born in a few days. And in a few months they become immature animals. Both snails and lizards can live for several years.

Preventive tips:

Avoiding snails and lizards begins with destroying their hiding place.

Remove lumps of firewood from the house.

Remove the firewood from the ground.

Place the pots on a shelf or shelf.

Cover and protect wood and stone, which are good places for moisture.

Make sure the exit doors are closed.

Drain and replace water voids.

Use a dehumidifier to control and remove moisture if necessary.

In general, do whatever it takes to remove the moisture.

Make sure the valves are open for blood circulation and to reduce suffocation.

The next step involves inspection. Slippery paths can hide the snails’ location, in which case it may be necessary to stay overnight to see where they are going because, as mentioned above, snails come out at night to eat.

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