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Home spraying

Always know that spending one toman to prevent pest infestation and prevention is much better than spending money on difficult treatment. If you’ve ever had problems with pests, you know what I’m talking about. And the question is, how much will it cost you to prevent insects from entering your home?

The rate of pest infestation in your home will depend on the type of life, home, building and indoor and outdoor environment, etc., and in this article we will explain how you can find the best home spray companies for yourself, so that they They will help you before the problems increase and you will be able to prevent and prevent the entry of pests in time.

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Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

Common insects and pests in the home

The most common insects in the house are large beetles (such as sewage, bathroom, American), small beetles (cabinet beetle, kitchen beetle, German), followed by mosquitoes and ants. Other animals, such as mice, can also be found in areas that can be highly destructive and transmit various diseases. Depending on the environmental conditions of your home, you may be attacked by other types of pests such as mites, fleas, bed bugs, etc., and all of them will depend on your style and place of living. Whether you have a pet or not and how much you care about the cleanliness of your home can all be influential.

Photos of insects and common pests in the house and home

Features of the best home spraying company

A home spray company has features that we want to explore. In the first stage, these companies must have a license to fight insects and vermin in public and domestic places from the University of Medical Sciences and Health Services. Provide a valid warranty, find related comments and find the best home spraying company in your city. Sampashan Company is licensed by the University of Medical Sciences and International Pest Control Certificates and will provide you with a one-year written warranty to get rid of pests.

International sprayer license
Photo of the international certificate of Sampashan Spraying Company

Dangers of home spraying

We know that all materials and things that are made industrially are harmful to the human body and have caused many new diseases and illnesses among humans. So what could be more dangerous than spraying houses! A place where we spend most of our time. But do not be afraid if you have asked a reputable company for pest control, do not worry and the sprayer will use pesticides licensed by the Ministry of Health to eliminate pests in your home and minimize the risks of home spraying for you It is possible. Our experts will guide you through the steps you need to take before and after spraying to minimize these risks, and you no longer need to worry about your health and the health of your children.

Photo of home spraying
Photo of home spraying

Home spray prices

One of the most common questions that most people ask is knowing the price of home spraying, and we must say that there is no fixed rate for this, and pest control does not only involve home spraying, and may require a variety of measures. In some cases, depending on the type of insects and their resistance, different poisons with different doses are used, each of which will have different prices. Also, other factors such as the amount of area, hard work, distance of your place, etc. will affect the cost of home spraying.

Photo of home spraying
Photo of home spraying

Ways to kill house insects

Strong beetles such as hand-held sprayers, old-fashioned sprays, powders, special tablets, and sometimes oil are also used to kill insects in homes. Using a spray at home to fight these insects is a seemingly good method, but breathing these sprays is not good for health at all because it damages the respiratory system and the spray particles may sit on food and it Infect. The use of common insecticides also increases the resistance of drops to toxins, and if you are not aware of this, do not make your work more difficult and seek help from a pest control company.

Home spraying

On the other hand, the spray temporarily and superficially eradicates these insects and can not enter the insect eggs and destroy them. If we want to use poison spray in some situations, the degree of damage is more important, but it eliminates the possibility that the beetles will increase their activity, and depending on the type of poison, it may prevent the beetle from spawning or even surviving. . If you have to use poison, be sure to use a mask and leave your home for a few hours after spraying.

Using oil can also be effective in killing this type of insect, but when it is poured right on the insect and destroys it, in insects such as ants or beetles because they are located in the walls and corners, a large number of them. They survive and these insects are not completely destroyed.

If you try to kill the beetle physically, you will definitely spread the infection and cause worse damage. Cabinet beetles, which are very fast and you can kill a handful with a lot of effort, are also funny in the case of ants and mosquitoes, because only a limited number of them die and are useless, and the last resort is to use Home spraying specialists are the healthiest and best way to completely eradicate these insects.

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