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Mite Spraying

Information and identification of mite types

Latin name: Subclass Acari

Appearance of mites

There are thousands of species of mites, most of which are less than 1 mm long. Like other spider species, their bodies are made up of proteins and bellies, and mites have four pairs of legs.

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International Sprayer License 
Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

Mite behavior, diet and habits

From the beginning as mite eggs, these spider mites grow according to the larval and fungal stages before full maturity. They can survive on land and in water. However, most mites are not harmful to animals, and some species are parasitic in the wild.

Parasitic mites that attack animals and can cause severe irritation and irritation of the skin called gray matter. Bird mites are similar to troublesome insects, while spider mites damage agricultural crops. Some parasitic species are more dangerous than others because they are located inside the respiratory tract of their hosts. The best way to get rid of these pests is by a specialist mite sprayer. Others, like predator mites, can transmit dangerous diseases. By spraying special insects, they will cause them to be shaved from our house or building.

Mite Spraying

Signs of mite infestation

Mite symptoms largely depend on the mite species. Most mites are visible without magnification. However, their movement on a surface can sometimes be detected. Some mites feed on plants, fabrics, and silks, such as spider mites. They can also cause leaf discoloration and leaf fall.Other mites, such as clover mites, can be easily seen due to their bright red. Mites that feed on animals and people eat animals feel skin irritation in their bodies. However, there are other causes for skin irritation and you should see a specialist to determine the exact cause.

Difference with mite:

Mite insects are likely to cause major problems for poultry and birds. The mite is very similar to the mite insect and both eat blood. Both enter the body through the skin and can cause anemia or disease. They spawn and grow between 7 and 10 days, which is why Their number is increasing rapidly. Many yogurts live in the soil, but there are also many that live on plants and animals.

more information

Mites are a diverse group of animals. Some mites are predators and feed on other mites, while other species are extinct and feed on rotten material. Mites no longer feed on plants and can cause pests on crops, which eventually feed on some animals.

To get rid of these pests, the best way is to spray the mite, which the spraying company will accompany you and your problem will be solved. So if you have any symptoms, contact our consultants.

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