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Spider spraying

Control and identify spiders

The appearance of the spider

What do spiders look like?

They have octopuses, their bodies are two parts, they have no wings or antennae, they have three or four pairs of eyes

How do I find a spider? And how do they get into the house?

Boards, open and abandoned gaps, windows, vents, etc. are the way for spiders to enter and exit. These pests may move around the house in search of food.

Companion, heat, humidity The presence of insects and other prey in homes is a common cause for spiders. Spiders are accidentally found in the house next to contaminated items, plants, firewood, clothing, and other items in storage, basements, or other storage areas.

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International Sprayer License 
Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

How serious is a spider?

While most spiders pose a low risk to humans, some species can produce toxic gases that can cause disease. The most common venomous spiders in the United States are the brown spider and the wounded spider. Marked by the violin on the head of the chest, in this insect the body part includes the combination of the spider with the head and the chest. Another important venomous spider is the black widow spider, known for its red hourglass shape.

How can I kill the spider?

You can contact the spraying company to kill these insects, which is at your service with a skilled and trained staff in the field of spider spraying, who are ready to serve you.

Spider spraying

Behavior, diet and habits

Some spiders like moisture and are found in basements, voids and other wet areas of buildings. Even in other hot and dry areas, such as the upper corners of the room and the attic, etc., and are hidden in dark areas. They feed by trapping other insects in their web and any other prey.

What do they eat?

They feed on insects, spiders and other prey. Spiders do not have mouths or teeth to chew on prey, and usually use digestive enzymes to break down prey before eating it. In addition, the spider’s abdomen is so narrow that it does not allow large food particles to be consumed. Almost all species of spiders are predators, although one plant species has been documented.

Spider reproduction

The spider mites use their fibers to produce a series of egg sacs that they lay inside, and then the eggs mature inside. Many species of male spiders attract attention for their female type. For example, a male performs a kind of spider jumping and dancing skillfully to attract a female. Mating can be a dangerous event for male spiders, as they may then be eaten by female spiders.

Spider silk thread

Spiders are able to produce silk that is flexible. This silk is used to spin spider webs as well as to make egg bags and spider houses. The size and shape of the strings vary for different species: some are spherical while others are funnel-shaped. Some strands are regular while others appear random. Some species of spiders live inside cavities instead of web nets, while others are in free range and take refuge in crevices.

Note that if you see a spider at home, at work or anywhere, take action to destroy it so that your living environment is not contaminated by the presence of these pests, which is done by Sampashan Company, who will contact the consultants of the organization at the earliest opportunity. Get and ask for spider spraying so that consultants can contact you for further guidance.

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