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Scorpion spraying

Information and identification of scorpions

What do they look like?

Legs: Scorpions, like spiders, have 8 legs.

Tail: The scorpion’s tail ends with its bite.

Body: The body of a scorpion is divided into several parts like a fork.

How do I catch a scorpion?

How can I find out if there is a scorpion in the house?

Scorpions often have a problem, which is that they pose a danger when they prefer to go to a place where more food is found instead of where they are now.

If scorpions are a good choice in your home, the only solution is to wear seams and broken doors, glass and windows.

Try to block all insect infestation as much as possible.

Scorpions usually use the gap below the door. Windows, gaps around plumbing and lines that enter the house and leave gaps in the door and place to enter the house.

Scorpions usually choose in boxes, piled firewood, furniture, next to plants and pots, basements, hidden places under kitchen cabinets, garages.

So to find them, you have to look for them in these places.

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How serious is the existence of a scorpion?

Rear bites are normally non-fatal but are nonetheless toxic.

Complications of scorpion sting: numbness, pain, local swelling.

In severe cases of scorpion stings with vomiting, respiratory problems occur.

In children and young adults, these symptoms are more severe and may have more severe reactions.

There are different species of scorpions, the most important of which is the bark scorpion.

What way does the spraying company offer for spraying scorpions?

If you encounter a scorpion, contact the spraying company at the earliest opportunity.

It is possible for skilled company consultants to inspect your property for scorpions.

Some of the tasks and methods to get rid of scorpions are:


Inspect the house so that scorpions do not move around in the house by accident.

Some common tips include checking to make sure scorpions are not hidden in firewood or boxes.

Services and recommendations:

Providing services or recommendations to reduce waste on your property is done based on professional inspection and pest management by Sampashan Group.

Typically, this involves trying to reduce the environmental conditions that support the scorpion population

If necessary, a spraying program and the use of insecticides for scorpions in your area.


Clean garbage around the house where the scorpion lives.

grass :

Keep lawns close to the ground and keep plants around the house at least 2 feet away from the house.

Prohibition :

The ban prevents scorpions from entering the house from the outside.

For example, you may identify broken areas, broken parts, plumbing, and power lines and seal them.

chemicals :

Use chemicals to kill scorpions at home.

They prefer to hide in a place where the house is protected.

You may not be able to destroy them again using chemicals, so it is better to seek help from the experienced forces of the spraying company in Tehran, which has trained and skilled personnel, and take the necessary measures to spray the scorpions.

As it is known, the consultants of Sampashan company know better than you which chemical is suitable for killing which type of scorpion.

Symptoms of scorpion infection:

Scorpios usually have no specific signs other than visual signs

Scorpion bites, scorpion stings:

Concerns can usually be from itching, which may be from scorpion venom, not from a real bite.

There are scorpions that are usually without venom and scorpions that have venom are a serious threat to humans.

Scorpion venom may have symptoms such as swelling and itching.

However, some people experience numbness and seizures.

In more severe cases, some people may experience shortness of breath.

People with allergies are more likely to be harmed, and those with allergies to scorpion stings will die.

Their chances of survival are only if they are injected with scorpion antibiotics.

Scorpion spraying

Scorpion habitat:

They live in very dry climates.

However, they are very sensitive to losing moisture and hiding in suspicious places during the day.

They get most of their water from prey.

Scorpio body anatomy:

The scorpion is made up of two parts: the abdomen (a hard outer covering and a bony covering).

Including hair, eyes, chisel or mouth, piles or claws, four pairs of legs, etc. is one of the most important parts of a scorpion. Because they are used to defend against predators.

The epistochosoma, or abdomen, is divided into two parts: the mesosome and the metasome. The mesosome has seven parts, while the metasome has five.

The mesosome is made up of the anterior half of the abdomen and consists of six parts:

The first is the genitals, which are a pair of stimulant-modified phenomena that form a structure called the perpendicular limb.

Second: The sensory organ of the heart is called pectin, the last four parts contain each pair of lungs.

The entire mesozoa is protected by triggers, a cation plate at the top level with columns at the bottom.

The other half of the abdomen is metasome. Includes: tail and tail has six parts, the last of which contains the anus and ankle.

Telson has a larynx, which in turn has a pair of venom glands and a skin lesion.

Some scorpions are born with two teeth, which is a genetic disorder.

The shell of the armor is rigid, surrounding the scorpion’s body, which is covered with hairs that act to balance the scorpion’s limbs.

Scorpion spraying

Life cycle of scorpions:

Female scorpions carry their eggs inside their bodies, and when the young leave the female or mother’s body, they go to the mother’s back.

They stay behind the mother until they have passed their first bullet, then rise and disperse.

Small scorpions are like adult scorpions.

At that time, they drop their eccentricities.

A young scorpion is measured by the molting stage because it needs 5-7 stages to reach maturity.

Scorpions prefer warm and relatively dry habitats, they take shelter during the day under underground cavities or under rocks.

Scorpions when they hunt and feed enough and go out at night,

They invade the homes of predators such as birds, millipedes, lizards, mice, and rats.

When hunting, they use their claws to crush or inject their prey with narcotic venom, which paralyzes or kills their prey.

Scorpions can only consume their food in liquid form and excrete any solid substance before consumption.

Lifespan of scorpions:

The lifespan of a scorpion is about three to five years, but some have lived up to 15 to 15 years.

There are currently 1,200 species of scorpions in the world, and all of them are somewhat dangerous.

Among scorpions, smaller scorpions are often more dangerous than large scorpions.

One of the most dangerous scary species in the American Southwest.

Arizona skin scorpion (Centruroides sculpturatus). Death from the venom of these creatures is dangerous, but the number is unknown.

The scorpion with the tail Androctonus australis is one of the most infamous species in the cardamom scorpion.

This treacherous scorpion is believed to be responsible for many of the deaths that are very common in North Africa and the Middle East.

Because of their weak immune systems and defenseless bodies. This is a dangerous scorpion that people should really try to avoid.

Another dangerous member of the scorpion family is Leiurus quinquestriatus.

This scorpion is native to both the northern and southern hemispheres of Africa and is commonly found in its deserts.

Its venom has been proven to be very strong.

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