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Safety tips in the use of pesticides

The use of pesticides in addition to its purpose, which is to disturb the animals or plants in question to humans can be useful for other animals and insects in a toxic environment.

Pesticides are a group of chemicals that include a variety of insecticides used to kill insects such as ticks, bedbugs, rodents and weeds, a variety of fungi. Safety Tips in the use of pesticides We must observe that in this article it is written that by careful study, you can be safe from the dangers caused by pesticides and use these pesticides to kill pests and insects without any danger or damage.

Application of pesticides

The use of pesticides, in addition to its purpose, which is to disturb the animals or plants in question to humans, can be useful for other animals and insects in a toxic environment and cause irreparable problems for them by breathing or absorbing the skin. Airborne particles can enter the body through respiration and digestion (whether intentionally or unintentionally) and cause severe poisoning in humans and animals.

Principles of safety in working with toxins and pesticides

The principles of safety when using pesticides and pesticides are as follows, which must be done with care and sensitivity. Information such as physical, chemical and hygienic properties of pesticides and pesticides and necessary advice and tips about first aid, storage conditions are clearly and accurately listed on it.At the time of spraying, people with allergies and children, the elderly, pregnant women, respiratory, cardiovascular patients should be removed from the environment and for 48 hours after spraying and using various pesticides from their entry into Avoid a separate environment to avoid problems and injuries such as respiratory problems and skin and allergic diseases. When using and applying pesticides in the environment, there should be air flow and ventilation and air circulation in the environment should be maintained. And the lid of food containers is completely closed and placed in a suitable package. One of the safety points when spraying the building is the use of personal protective equipment and tools, including uniforms, special glasses, hats and shoes, gloves and masks.Avoid any consumption of food, beverages and smoking during spraying separately. Do not spray in the direction of wind or rain. Experts in Sampashan company can guide you in this field. If you see any annoying and troublesome living creatures, you can contact our company and use our quality service. Sampashan has been able to work brilliantly in this field. Is to gain the satisfaction of its customers in these few years by providing superior and quality services.

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