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The most dangerous poisons in the world

Dangerous and deadly types of toxins in the world:

A toxin is a substance that causes death or injury when consumed, smelled or eaten, causing serious damage to the body. Scientifically, anything can be a poison. If you use this substance as drinking water, you will die. It is like a drug that is deadly. So this list includes toxins that are deadly in very low doses. Does anyone need such a list? This list helps you identify different toxins so you can identify and avoid them wherever you come across them in your environment.

1 – Raisin Ricin

This toxic substance is called by other names such as: resin, ricin, raisin, etc.

Raisin is a deadly toxin derived from oilseeds. Of which one grain of sand is enough to kill. This toxin works by overcoming ribosomes and stopping protein production. It is a deadly substance. There is no antidote to this substance, although the dosage may be very small.

Sam Ricin was used to assassinate Bulgarian Markov Markov in 1978. While you may not be in exchange for pure poison and its plant. The toxin is found in the seeds of the castor plant. Finding the seeds will not poison you, but children and pets should stay away from these beans as chewing them may release enough toxins and cause damage.

 Raisin poison

2 – Botulinum Toxin (Botox)

The bacterium Clostridium botulinum produces a deadly neurotoxin called botulinum. If this bacterium is used, botulism poisoning will occur. You can tell from improperly sealed cans or bad stuff. It is best to use this type of pain and temporary muscle paralysis. Severe paralysis can cause a person to stop breathing and even die. Botox is found where a small amount is injected to inject contraction into a person’s facial muscles to minimize wrinkles. Botox keeps the facial components active and attacks the nervous system so that the muscles are no longer able to rest.

Botulinum toxin poison

3 – Tetradotoxin:

Tetrodotoxin or TTX is a powerful neuroxin that blocks the transmission of nerves between the brain and the body through nerve channels. Using a dose of this substance can cause loss of sensation and paralysis, but only paralyzes the muscles that need to work for life. After taking this drug, it takes about 6 hours to achieve the full effect of the drug. But when the arteries stop, breathing also becomes difficult. In this case, you will die due to irregular heartbeat.

How are you exposed to this toxin? Puffer fish, which is used in Japanese food, contains this type of poison, which is very deadly. Popper is the only creature that carries this toxin. Also found in some octopuses, worms, starfish, frogs, etc.

Tetrodotoxin poison

4 – Batrachotoxin

Of all the toxins in this article you are reading, you have probably encountered it. Unless you live in a tropical jungle that you have not seen. Venom is found in venomous frogs, and the frog itself is not a source of venom. And this toxin comes from the food they eat. When you see these frogs in a zoo, they assure you that they are not eating deadly beetles, so they can not harm you.

The amount of toxin available depends on the chemical of the swan. The golden venom frog may have enough venom that even touching it puts you at risk of killing an average of 10 to 12 people.

Poison is a substance that paralyzes the nerve, resulting in paralysis and rapid death, for which there is no antidote.

Batracotoxin poison

5 – Amatoxin

Amatoxin is a deadly toxin found in the fungus Amanit. Eating a poisonous mushroom may be enough to kill you, so this type of poison is not the worst chemical on this list, but if you like to eat mushrooms, it is better to be careful when buying. Amatoxin attacks the kidneys and liver. Eventually it leads to injury and eventually to coma and death, in which death does not happen quickly but gradually.

Amatoxin poison

6 – Cyanide

Cyanide is a deadly toxin that binds to iron in the blood and does not block the transfer of oxygen to cells. You will be killed in a few minutes in deadly mode. However, this toxin is so common in nature that the body destroys a small amount of it. This toxin is also found in the seeds of apples, cherries, almonds and apricots. Hydrogen cyanide is a chemical.

Cyanide poison

7 – Nerve Gas

Any of the factors that destroy the nervous system can be on the list of the deadliest chemicals. Sarin, VX, etc. are much more deadly than other substances. Sarin, for example, is about 500 times more toxic than hydrogen cyanide.

Nerve gas can be absorbed through the skin. While you may survive at very low doses, the victim usually suffers from permanent nerve damage. The venom of VX may be even stronger. VX releases the enzyme into the nervous system so that it continuously burns signals. Loss of control of body parts, suffocation and seizures are caused by death.

Nervous gas poison

8 – Brodifacoum

Brady Fakum is a powerful anticoagulant that lowers vitamin K levels in the blood, leading to internal bleeding and death. This means that it is sold as a multivitamin C under brands such as Talon, Jaguar and Havoc. While it kills rats because they eat prey, people and pets do not support them, because even touching them can cause contamination and penetrate the skin and remain for months. . The animals they feed on are in danger.

Brady Fakum poison

9 – Strychnine

Strychnine is a natural toxin made mainly from the seeds of the Strychnos nux vomica tree. It is a nerve that affects the spinal nerves and causes victims to contract and convulse. This product can be used as a pesticide to kill rats such as Brodifacoum. Because it is dangerous for children and pets and other people.

Strychnine poison

10 – Polonium

While there are many compounds that can easily make this list, do not ignore some of the chemical elements! Lead and mercury are highly toxic. Mercury is dangerous when exposed to the open air. While lead is not so strong.

Plenium and other heavy and radioactive elements cause twice as much damage as the element itself is toxic, in addition to the radioactive material that breaks down body tissues.

The lethal dose of this substance is much smaller than any other toxin on this list, and only 7 trillion grams are needed enough to kill a person.

 Polonium poison
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