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Spraying beetles and pests

The most specialized insect and beetle spraying center in Tehran and its suburbs

Spraying warranty

Leave the spraying of your places to us safely!

Spraying houses and places

Spraying of specialized places, houses and buildings

Licensed by the Ministry of Health

Spraying company licensed by the Ministry of Health

With sprayers, pests will no longer have a chance to survive !!!

In addition to fighting you, pests are very dangerous to your health and property throughout the year. Beetles, mosquitoes and other insects and animals have various diseases and should be kept away from the house. No matter what season it is now, pests will sneak into your residence to get food, water and habitat more easily. Repelling insects from your home is not a one-time event and this process should be repeated every year, and our experienced experts will accompany and advise you for free to repel pests and insects and spray your home. Spraying experts deal with pests in your home with specialized training and advanced devices, identifying ways for pests and insects to enter and disrupting their life cycle. With professional training, spraying technicians know the behavior of all pests such as beetles, termites, lizards, mice, etc., and use the best methods and spraying to eliminate pests.

Ask us your spraying questions

Dear ones, you can ask your questions about spraying and information about insects and pests at the end of the website, and the spraying experts will answer them as soon as possible.

اقدامات لازم قبل از سمپاشی

قبل از سمپاشی منزل ، ساختمان و محیط شما می بایست راه ورود حشرات به خانه و مکان خود را پیدا کنید. بهترین کمک شما به شرکت سم پاشی همین می تواند باشد و آن ها با داشتن این اطلاعات نسبت به محافظت کردن محیط شما در مقابل هجوم آفات اقدام به بستن راه های ورود و خروج حشرات موذی می نمایند و سپس با سمپاشی آن ها در لانه و مکان شما آن ها را از بین می برند.
یکی دیگر از اقدامت لازم قبل از سمپاشی این است که می توانید وسایل اضافی خود را برای جلوگیری از آلوده شدن به سم با پلاستیک و ملافه بپوشانید و اجزا آن قسمتی که قرار است سم پاشی صورت گیرد را در دسترس بگذارید. همچنین باید در نظر داشته باشید شما قبل و بعد از سمپاشی باید منزل خود را تا زمان از بین رفتن خاصیت سموم ترک نمایید.

بعد از سمپاشی حشرات حتما باید منزل را ترک کنیم ؟

.در این زمینه حتما از کارشناس شرکت سمپاشان سوال بفرمایید ولی بطور کلی حتما بعد از سمپاشی باید منزل را ترک کنید
عده ای از دوستان عنوان میکنند که سموم بهداشتی نیازی به ترک منزل ندارد ولی در مکان های بسته سیگار کشیدن هم ممنوع است چه برسد به سم!

Spraying with sprayers! For more than 10 years, we have taken pest control and spraying seriously, and thousands of our satisfied customers have documented what we have said. The sprayer protects the latest products and equipment for pest control from your home with an effective program of your home.

Features of sprayer services

Our service uses a combination of the most advanced equipment and modern science to help you guide pests by spraying away from your home.

We do research

Sprayer experts inspect your home from the bottom up, inside and out, for pest and spraying problems.

We protect

We will examine your home environment in accordance with its structure and destroy and spray the nests of spiders, insects and bees with the safest methods.

We strengthen

We do all the steps to keep insects away from holes, cracks and stains in your home.

We are watching

We secure the interior of your home and, if necessary, install pest control monitors in critical areas such as kitchens, warehouses, etc.

We report

We always provide a detailed report of spraying services and recommendations to keep your home away from pests.

We will follow up

In the calls that are made, we will immediately investigate your problem and as soon as possible, we will send experts to investigate the problem and spray.

Spraying of insects and common pests

We know everything about spraying pests and beetles, and you can also use the following information to identify your pest from pictures and learn more about habits and ways to deal with them.

Snake identification and information What do snakes look like? It varies greatly depending on the sp

Statistics and information on snails and scorpions What do snails look like? Rob scorpion is a soft

Information and identification of flies More than 100 pathogens by flying insects in the home includ

Information and identification of bee insects What do bees look like? Bees found around the world ar

What do moths look like? moths wings: Usually have two pairs of wings that are covered in scale. mot

Lizard information and identification How can I catch and kill a lizard at home? Lizards live in hou

Identify and ways to kill mice What is a mouse? Mice are a group of annoying pests that include mice

Control and identify spiders The appearance of the spider What do spiders look like? They have octop

Mosquito information and identification They belong to the bipolar group. That’s why they only

Required information and ant identification: How do I eradicate the ant? Lack of hygiene at home is

Information and identification of scorpions What do they look like? Legs: Scorpions, like spiders, h

Information and identification of lice insects These insects belong to the family Pediculidae. What

Today, due to the comfort and convenience of guests who are interested in traveling, in every city y

Hospitals must be free of any contamination in terms of germs and pests and it is very important. Pe

The health of the factory environment is an important factor in the construction industry, both in s

The presence of pests in any place causes significant damage. In the store, where there are differen

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