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Why do human beings today fight pests?

To save her life from disease, she has to fight against pests that directly and indirectly affect human health

What are the dangers of insects to humans?

Insects such as mosquitoes, mites, bedbugs, mites, fleas, lice, flies, in addition to feeding on human food, skin and blood and causing contamination of human habitat, play a major role in transmitting various diseases such as malaria, plague, typhus and leishmaniasis. … are responsible for the mechanical transport of protozoa and parasites

How insects harm humans:


The mite, which belongs to the mite order, lives in places with high humidity and feeds on dust and other dead skin cells. This reaction occurs when a person is in constant contact with dust particles caused by the breakage of body hair or the decomposition of the bodies of these insects.

Bitten or bitten:

Venomous spiders that bite humans with their venomous mouths

A type of female spider called the Black Widow or scorpions and bees that bite humans with their bites has even been seen in cases where the bites of these insects have caused severe shock or death.

cause of disease :

Some insects themselves cause the disease directly from one person to another, such as scabies or scabies, in which arthropods feed on human skin and pierce it and lay eggs inside the skin.

Disease vectors:

Insects such as fleas, lice and mosquitoes, and in some cases bedbugs, feed on human blood and introduce viral and microbial agents into the body, thereby transmitting the disease to the individual.

Why the location of insect breeding and breeding should be known:

For better and faster insect control and habitat identification, the factors of light intensity, temperature, soil moisture and wind exposure should be carefully studied.

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