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What is the best way to kill bed bugs?

It is safe to say that there is no other way than spraying to kill bed bugs and the most important issue in combating this pest is first improving the environment (closing the seams of the wall, floor, all holes in the wall, grooves on the ceiling, etc.) And then the spraying is complete and household items, so that the poison should be applied to the whole house (walls, floor, bed, bed, clothes, wooden appliances, dolls, cupboards, wall frames, inside the fireplace, inside the sofa chassis, Do not forget to spray the TV table, curtains, etc.) All parts must be sprayed properly and by experienced experts.

Where does bedbug come from?

As mentioned earlier, the main source of pest infestation is outdoors, and insects migrate in search of food and survival, and we answer the question of where bedbugs come from in the following article:

Domestic and foreign travel

If you have just returned from a trip and you have had the problem of bed bug bites, you are probably infected with bed bugs in your hotel and place of residence, and you have brought some of them home with you through your clothes and suitcases. To prevent such problems, always put your travel bag in a high and safe place when traveling, and be sure to check your luggage and belongings before returning.

Buy second-hand home appliances

When buying second-hand furniture for the home, especially sofas, they must be inspected before entering the house, and you can rest assured that they are clean. This is one of the ways bugs enter the house.

Infection from other neighbors

Another answer to the question of where do bedbugs come from? We have to answer the neighbors. To prevent these pests from entering, cover all the seams and cracks in the doors and windows of your house with sealants and use special nets behind the vents.

Other examples of bed bugs

Inside dormitories, barracks, barracks, workers’ rooms, service companies’ dormitories, restaurant workers’ dormitories and car washes can be identified as the source of bed bugs and the place where bed bugs are transmitted by its members.

A few days ago, a woman claimed that our house was completely new and we had just bought it two months ago, and after spraying, it turned out that two Afghan workers were living in one of her rooms before buying the house.

Or another house his grandson had brought from the barracks, Sass.

Elsewhere, they had returned from Karbala and had spent the night in a house in Iraq, bringing bed bugs with them when they returned to Iran.

The bedbug can even be brought to your house from a neighbor’s house by going into their pants and then the neighbor who comes to your house gets the bedbug out of her pants and starts eating and laying eggs.

In many apartments where the family lives on different floors, usually two or three floors are polluted due to the movement of families.

Is it possible to kill and destroy bedbugs with the device?

No, this device can never kill bedbugs because the sellers of this device refer to it as a bed bug repellent. If this insect will not leave your home.

As long as people rest indoors at night, they will also have bedbugs because this pest needs human blood to survive and does not feed on anything else, so it has to adapt to the DH machine and this machine has no ability to destroy and kill It will not have bedbugs.

Meanwhile, the author of this article finds it unlikely that this device has the approval code of the Ministry of Science or the registration number in the Iranian Medical Sciences, contrary to the widespread advertisements announced by DH sellers.

Killing machine and destroying bedbugs
Killing machine and destroying bedbugs

The price of bed bug spraying?

Since bedbug spraying is a very difficult and life-threatening task and is done by combining several poisons from different families, spraying companies usually offer high prices, but fellow citizens of Tehran must be aware that your bedbug spraying may need a second stage. And have the assurance of a written guarantee after spraying.

Why two stages of bed bug spraying?

Once mating, bedbugs are able to lay eggs until the end of their 5-year-old life, but they look at the number of their hosts and lay eggs.

These bedbug eggs hatch three to seven days later depending on the environment and temperature, and you may still be bitten by the bedbug on the seventh day after a spraying step without seeing the bedbug insect, so the solution. The thing is that 15 days later, the whole house will be sprayed with bed bugs again.

International Sprayer License 
Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

Bed bug poison

You can use toxins from the family of chlorine toxins that are effective on a wide range of pests and have a long life, such as DDT, Aldrin, Di Aldrin and Endosulfan, etc. However, these toxins cause long-term pollution in the environment and also cause Fat is found in animals and humans, so the use of these toxins is prohibited in all developed countries, but is produced and sold to poorer countries, but in Iran, the use of these toxins in home spraying is prohibited.

Phosphorus toxins can be used The advantage of organic phosphorus toxins is their rapid decomposition A number of contact, digestive, and some phosphorus toxins enter plant sap, such as diaznion, phenytrothion, dichlorvos, and malathion.

These toxins are derived from phosphoric acid, the majority of which for vertebrates, are usually the most toxic insecticides and are not used in home spraying.

Pyrethroid toxins such as cypermethrin, delta metrin, and permethrin can be used

Pyrothyroid toxins have a strong impact and extraordinary lethality to fight pests, but if the insect can not be controlled using this toxin, the second spray should not use this family of toxins because bedbugs have become resistant to it.

The best poison to kill bedbugs

Sampashan Company, with years of experience in the field of pest control, uses the best poisons to kill bedbugs, and for the convenience of friends who are in the cities and do not have access to the experts of this collection, has launched the sale of bedbugs, and this The products are all foreign and approved by the Ministry of Health, and the strongest poisons to kill bedbugs include Turkish sulfac, al-Qari icons in doses of 10, 20 and 50, Ficam poison from Spain and China.

What does Sass hate?

Bedbugs hate direct sunlight and heat above 50 degrees. Of course, bedbugs are said to die at temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius.

Bedbugs will also die at temperatures below minus 5 degrees Celsius

Bedbugs also hate the lack of human hosts because they need to eat blood. It goes without saying that the author was able to observe bedbugs alive for 45 days without eating in the laboratory, and on day 60, almost all bedbugs died without feeding.

Where do bed bugs bite?

Bedbugs usually bite humans in a linear or clustered manner, and the difference between bedbug and mosquito bites is in the number of bites. Chen sas bite is up and has no spots and itches first.

Treatment of bedbugs

The only way to cure bedbugs is to spray the desired place as soon as possible. Even by changing your sleeping place at home, you can not get rid of bedbugs because bedbugs trap the carbon dioxide you breathe and will be in your arms at night.

Mostly because of the high cost of spraying bed bugs, people have decided to throw out their mattress, but they do not know that bed bugs can live anywhere in the house, even inside the sofa chassis.

What does bedbug look like?

People are often told that it looks like an apple seed or a lentil seed, but you can search Google for a variety of photos of this insect.

Bed bug pills

The only pill that is mentioned in the market as a sedative pill is the sulfur pill of death, but it is also found in the market in powder form. Sulfur in apartment houses has been banned by the Ministry of Health.

Common poison for bedbugs

If you read Kamen poison on the label, you will notice that it has parathyroid compounds, but the problem is that 250 grams of common poison, half of which is water, only responds to spraying bed bugs, while a 100-meter house is at least 30 liters of water with half a liter of poison. Net needs. Therefore, for a 100-meter house, we need 100 cans of common poison.

Bedbug-borne diseases

Because it feeds on human blood, bedbugs can transmit and cause a variety of diseases such as: Chagas, trypanosomes, allergies, anemia, pruritus, bloody blisters, hepatitis B.

Methods of combating bed bugs

Physical method

Heat, cold, use of garlic, use of vacuum cleaner regularly, sunshine

Chemical method

Residual spraying (HCH, CHB, Scacarb, DDT, diazinon, malathion, etc.)

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