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What is an Oriental Beetle?

Eastern beetles are less common than German beetles. This beetle was seen in 1945 in North Central Africa. Some scientists have found footprints of this type of beetle in our prehistoric houses in the southern regions of Russia and around the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

This type of beetle is now considered the predominant pest in Britain and Germany, and the eastern beetle has traveled by ship to other continents and countries over the past several centuries. It is more similar to the American type and the best way to eliminate it is to spray the beetle professionally using external quality pesticides.

Photo of an eastern beetle

Australia, Japan, China, Northern Canada, South America, Brazil, Chile, Argentina are countries where the distribution of the eastern beetle has occurred frequently.

Size and shape of the eastern beetle

The size of the eastern beetle is 20 to 27 mm in length and is reddish brown to black, but the children are darker. The female is quite distinguishable from the male because they have very short wings throughout their lives and are usually wingless. Oriental beetles do not have cushions between their toenails at all stages of their growth, and this is the reason why they do not climb above different levels.

Picture of an eastern beetle

The life cycle of the eastern beetle

The eastern beetle is a species of insect that has a long lifespan and can live and survive for more than two years in adverse temperature and food conditions. Under favorable conditions, the life cycle of this pest is completed in 6 months. Oriental female beetles release egg-containing capsules in a convenient location with food accessible to children. The egg-laying period takes 40 to 50 days, but in winter the egg capsule can continue to sleep until the weather warms up. Each capsule contains 16 eggs.

This species of beetle prefers to live in cold environments and the air range between 20 to 29 is favorable for it. Beetles (Eastern cockroaches) are mostly found in basements, basements, cat litter areas, sewer pipes and passages, behind cabinets and inside walls and under floor surfaces. The eastern beetle is omnivorous.

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