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What is a Pigeon ticks ?

Pigeon tick insects are naturally found in places where birds such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, chickens and roosters, etc. are kept or nested.

But how do these insects get to our house? These pests feed on the blood of birds, and when pigeons leave their old nest to build another nest, pigeon ticks travel to residential homes in search of food and feed on human blood. Pigeon tick bites can cause severe irritation.

Pigeon mite insects are more common in warmer regions of the world, including Iran. There are several species of these pests, the most common of which are Mite Domestices of the Macronyssidae family.

The shape and appearance of pigeon ticks

  • They are very small (less than 1 mm in length)
  • They have 8 legs
  • Very animated
  • Their bodies are semi-transparent and turn red after feeding.
  • They are oval with a covering of short hair

Where are pigeon ticks most found?

Bird ticks are generally found in humid and hot places and are more active during spring and early summer and are naturally found in places where pigeons, sparrows and chickens nest.

Humans are attacked by this insect during the migration and relocation of small birds from their nests, and they enter through the seams and cracks in their homes to find food and feed on human blood to survive.

How do pigeon ticks survive?

They feed on the blood of birds

Birds reproduce rapidly in the nest

If they are left without food for three consecutive weeks, they will disappear

Ways to get rid of pigeon mites at home

As we said in the previous articles, destroying insects and pests in the house requires preventing them from entering, and the best way to fight pigeon mites is to prevent them from closing the gaps and seams, as well as spraying pigeon ticks in places where There are many birds in those places, it is necessary once every 6 months and it will relieve your mind from any thoughts and problems.

Step 1: Identify

Proper identification of pigeon mites is very important in understanding how to control their influx into the house.

Step 2: Find and remove the bird nests

The best approach to controlling pigeon infestation is to find and destroy bird nests. When removing nests, be sure to use a mask and gloves to prevent the transmission of mites and bacterial infections. Where you can find nests:

  • Around the roof and chimneys
  • In attics and ceilings
  • In the holes of the wall
  • Basements and stairwells
  • Around the window walls
  • Balconies and terraces


Step 3: Prevent and eradicate

Prevent birds from entering the existing holes by closing and sealing them and blocking all available paths to the attic.

After blocking the seams and penetration ways to remove the pigeon mite in the house, clean the desired area with a special pigeon mite venom. Also, if the nests are in places inaccessible to you, you can get help from Sampashan Pest Control Company to solve the problem.

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Dangers of pigeon bites on humans

Pigeon mites only feed on humans, and because they can not complete their life cycle on their bodies, they move naturally and look for new nests. They prefer to bite a certain part of the body and live under the skin. If you are caught by these insects, you can feel them walking on your skin while they are active.

Pigeon bites cause severe itching, swelling and redness at the site of the bite, causing red spots on the skin due to a substance in the saliva. Pigeon mite bites are difficult to detect compared to other pests. Also, using itching cream and lotion can help you when you are bitten.

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