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What is a bed bug?

Appearance of insects

Bedbugs are wingless insects. They are reddish-brown in color and are flat, thin and oval in appearance. They look like apple seeds from a distance and are very difficult to see with the naked eye.

Bedbug size

Adult bedbugs are 4 to 5 mm long and 5 mm wide. Below you can see the photo related to the shape and size of the bedbug:

Photo of the shape and size of the bed bug

Behavior :

The bedbug feeds on human blood, which is the part of the insect’s mouth that pierces the surface of the skin and sucks blood. When sucking, saliva comes out of the insect’s mouth, which has anticoagulant properties, and this behavior is similar to other end strains. One of the factors to which bedbugs react quickly is heat and carbon dioxide. By receiving these symptoms, it quickly targets its food.Bedbugs often work at night and seek shelter during the day. These opportunistic insects feed on human blood even during the day if they feel hungry. In the food cycle, bedbugs are primarily human blood, and if not found, they also feed on the blood of warm animals, such as bats, rabbits, rodents, and even birds. Bedbug spraying is one of the best ways to eliminate this pest, and the spraying company offers new methods with the highest quality.

Insect bedbug

Insect habitat:

Bedbugs live in dark places and are the best place near human sleep.

Places that bedbugs often choose for shelter: cracks in the floor and ceiling, carpets, seams and cracks in the house, seams of furniture and bedding, behind photo frames, behind wallpaper, inside decorative backing on the house. It has slits, mattress and pillow seams, etc.

Keep in mind that seeing blood stains on the mattresses and sheets of your home is a sign of bed bugs attacking your neighborhood.

The question that often arises for the general public is how do bedbugs come to be? Most people believe that bed bugs are caused by dirt, but this is completely wrong. Bedbugs are from public places such as: hotels, hospitals, public toilets, cinemas, meeting halls, schools, etc.

Insect bedbug

Bedbug bites:

According to research by Sampashan and researchers, bedbugs feed on human blood like mosquitoes but do not transmit the disease. Accordingly, bedbug bites do not cause symptoms of the disease and only in some people, due to allergic reasons, they suffer from redness, inflammation and swelling, itching, and red spots. Sometimes it happens that a person is attacked by bedbugs and suffers from anemia, and this is due to the insidious attack of this insect on the person.

Fighting and controlling bedbugs:

Because bedbugs do not have wings and are not able to travel long distances, they are often carried with humans or second-hand equipment, wooden tools and work tools. If your place of residence is infected with bedbugs, the company’s free consultants will visit the place at the first opportunity after your contact with the spraying company and will offer you the best solutions for spraying bedbugs.

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