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The best time to spray insects

The best time to spray insects and animals

One of the important specialties of Sampashan Company is spraying pests and insects. These insects and creatures start spawning in autumn and winter. The question that attracts the attention of the audience is that if autumn and winter are the seasons for spawning and spawning of insects, why in the summer, that is, the summer, more pests are seen and houses are spread everywhere, in other words, people believe They have insects that have come out because of the heat and they have to contact the spraying company in their neighborhood to get rid of these creatures. I want to tell you that this belief is wrong because spraying should be done in autumn and winter when spawning has taken place and has not yet turned into an adult insect, which can be destroyed by spraying completely in the sperm state. .

In your living environment, apart from insects such as small beetles or German beetles, cabinet beetles, mice, bed bugs, some of which are known as bed bugs, etc., you should also pay attention to ticks, which in recent years In Tehran, these mites are often seen from the same birds that live on the roof of the house or above the canals, they spread through the body and their wings in the environment, you should pay attention.

For spraying your house, building, etc., ie your place of residence, be sure to ask for help from a specialist company, because in cases of spraying, points must be observed that if you do not pay attention, the possibility of injury or even death in some cases and Mir will also be possible.

The best time to spray

Best spraying time:

Be aware that beetles should be sprayed in the evening or at night because they are active during the day and disperse at home. For spraying bedbugs and fleas, because they work during the night and love the dark, it should be done in the early morning. There is no need for restrictions for ticks, you can perform the operation at any time. For house mice and silverfish (Silverfish: found in new apartments and areas with high humidity) there are no restrictions on spraying these beasts.

Note that if spraying is not done at the right time, it may not have any positive results and be completely useless.

Another thing that you must pay attention to is that there are some insects that do not need special time for spraying, such as beetles that live in the false ceiling, or insects that are in the rooms, or even earthworms. .. If you delay spraying such cases, they may cause irreparable damage to your living environment. So the best thing is to contact the free consultants of Sampashan to give you the necessary instructions. This company is ready to serve you dear ones around the clock.

Sampashan Company has branches in all neighborhoods of Tehran that are easily available to citizens to attract customer satisfaction with maximum impact and minimum cost.

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