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Spring spraying

Spring spraying:

Weed control early in the season is a high priority for canola planting. Weeds that appear before this crop are much more competitive than those that occur with the crop, and the sprayer can not neutralize the damage caused by the weed before it is formed.

The province’s horticulturist tells the provincial Ministry of Agriculture that research shows that crops are now growing fast from weeds until they are up.

Further research conducted at the university shows that the timing of the spring weed spraying program is critical and can be beneficial to production.

“When plants start to grow, it’s a race to get the most nutrients,” says the university professor of plant science. “When this grass is small, spraying has a better effect.”

For crops that prefer warmer soils for growing, it may be the preferred method of weed control before sowing.

Spring spraying

As spring approaches with dry soils, growers are forced to prioritize control over winter wheat crops.

Fruit tree spraying instructions contain recommendations for proper fruit tree spraying and depend on the type of spraying material used. In the spring, steps must be taken before the buds begin to open. If you use them when the temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, they can damage trees. Most fruit trees need stagnant oils every five years, unless there is a major pest infestation in the area.You can wait a little longer in the spring to use this spring spray, but this must be done before the leaves open. This should be done when the daytime temperature is uniformly around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 15 degrees Celsius. Spraying sprays are used when the petals are falling to take care of many pests of fruit trees.The only exception to this rule is for home use, which solves the existence of a codling license. To care for this insect, spray the trees again two weeks after the petals fall, and also do it again in mid-summer to care for the second generation of moths that often arrive. No matter what kind of sprayer you use for your fruit trees, be careful not to use it only when the tree is in bloom or in bloom. This is important for damaging bees, which are important for pollination and fruit growth.

International Sprayer License 
Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

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