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Spraying in English

Spraying in English = Spraying / sinterability

English to Persian dictionary spraying = Spraying / sinterability

Persian to English Dictionary spraying = Spraying / sinterability

Words that are synonymous with the word spray:

Sinterability = Spraying

Spray = spraying, spraying, spraying, spraying

spray poison = The person doing the spraying work

spray poison = English translation

The concept of spraying

Spraying in English: Equivalent to Spraying

Translation of spraying into English and the meaning of spraying in English:

It is equivalent to spraying insects and places manually or electrically by a specialist.

Home spraying in English:

Spraying home in English is the same as spraying different parts of the house to eliminate pests.

Spraying agent in English:

In English it is called exterminator.

Translation of the word spray into English:

It means beating, spraying, spraying, spraying

Spraying in English

Spraying in English

Spraying in English

International Sprayer License 
Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

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