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Rose spraying

Rose spraying:

If we do not take care of the beautiful flowers of roses, they will suffer from various pests and diseases.

Types of diseases that roses can have:

Black rose stain

Father Rose White

Rose color

False white

Gray mold


Rose poison

Pests that the flower may have or suffer from, including:

1- Plant sucking pests:

Macrosiphum Rosea aphid

Wheat and rose aphids Metopolophium dirhodum

. Aulacaspis Rosea white osprey

. Red Bell Edwardsiana Rosea

. White Rose Aleurodes Cotesii

. Thripstabaci tobacco thrips

. Flower thorns Frankiniella intonsa

. Two spots of Tetranychus urticae

2 – Leaf-eating pests:

Bee on rose Megachila sp

Arge Rosea leaf bee

Secondary leaf-eating bee of Allantus viennensis rose

Leek-eating leech bee Caliroa limacine

Leaf moth Cacoccia rosana

Butterfly oyster Rose Archips rosanus

Spider ticks

3 – Gladiolus pests:

Black Oxythyrca cincteua

Flower-eating beetle Epicometis hirta

Green flower beetle Red Cetonia aurata

Rhodites Rosae

4 – Wood-eating pests:

White cream of Polyphylla olivieri root

Long rhizome of Osphrateria coerulescens

Ardis bipunctata

Rose poison

Sampashan Company The best way that offers you dear ones so that the beautiful flowers of your garden and orchard do not suffer from the above is to use the spraying of roses by the professional team of Sampashan. If necessary, contact the company and get the necessary instructions to get rid of these creatures.

International Sprayer License 
Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

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