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Sprays or insecticides are used when the number and amount of insects has not increased or we need to temporarily remove or kill the insect without spraying. There are different types of insecticides and they are used for different insects. Insecticide sprays, insecticide pills, although they repel insects and have good benefits, but they can be harmful to humans. These are serious risks that it poses to humans, including: nervous system disorders, shortness of breath, wheezing, and so on.

How to use insecticides and insecticide poisoning:

When you plan to use an insecticide, you should note that the air flows easily in the house or the desired location. We must open all the doors and windows and leave the place for a while.

When you spray the desired burn on about 3 to 4 puffs, wait about 10 minutes and do not breathe in the air. People with weaker abilities are more likely to be poisoned. These people are like the elderly, children and pregnant women, and so on. Note that if you use a large amount of spray, its effects will remain on the wall and the ground, and for this reason, in some cases, it can enter the bloodstream and cause digestive disorders.

The best way to fight insects:

The best way to kill insects is to use colored stickers that do not smell or contain chemicals and do not even come in contact with the skin. These labels consist of only a layer of glue that sticks and dies if the insect comes in contact with it.

Finally, if you see one to two insects, you can use an insecticide, but if you are in a more acute situation that requires larger operations, be sure to contact the spraying company and spraying specialists to get the best guidance and advice completely free of charge for you. Have .

Risks of insecticide pills:

One of the big mistakes in killing insects is to use insecticide pills. These pills disrupt the insect’s nervous system and kill them. These pills, if used in large quantities or used many times a day and month, can also affect the human parasympathetic nerves over time. In addition, insecticide tablets can cause problems in the human respiratory system, including the elderly, by pulverizing or dispersing the powder as vapor in the air. Problems such as wheezing, shortness of breath, severe cough and in some cases asthma.


Electric insecticide:

Today, due to the advancement of science and technology, insecticides have been produced that work electrically and can be found in most homes and restaurants.

No scientific evidence has yet been found as to how dangerous these insecticides can be or how not to use them.

These electric insecticides emit ultraviolet light, which contains disinfectants. Over time, the same substances can affect the organs and tissues of the human body and spread skin diseases in humans.

1 – Do not place these insecticides on carpets or floors.

2 – Be sure to turn off the insecticide before any movement.

3 – Do not place the insecticide in a place where there is direct light to shine towards you.

4 – Do not touch the device and its desire when the device is switched off.

5 – To avoid the risk of electric shock, place the device on the table and out of reach of children.


Types of insecticides:

Insecticide wrist

Mimic Insecticide

Insecticide De Clover

Pleo third insecticide


Trigard Insecticide

Tapki insecticide

Insecticide Proclim Fit

Insecticide Aforia

Insecticide Oxy Dimeton Methyl

Indoxacarb insecticide

Upload Insecticide

Admiral Insecticide

Atabron insecticide

The insecticide Abamectin

Insecticide Ation

Liquid insecticide Imidacloprid

Imidacloprid powder insecticide

Permethrin insecticide

Insecticide Profenophos

Pyrimicarb insecticide

The most delightful insecticide

Insecticide Granular Diazinon

Liquid diazinon insecticide

Insecticide Diflobenzuron


Cypermethrin insecticide

Insecticide sulfosulfuron

Insecticide fan propatrin

Insecticide Fan Valerite

Phenitrotation insecticide

Chlorpyrifos insecticide

Insecticide Malathion

Insecticide Muspilan

Hexaflumurone insecticide

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