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An herbicide is a substance that kills weeds and vegetables that are in the crop and are not edible. Many companies or farmers produce their own herbicides. The use of herbicides prevents weeds from using water, sun and food.

Fresh and growing plants live and continue to grow in an environment where poisoned plants or from a poisoned tree and leaves fall to the ground and transfer some of the poison to the soil.

They are a type of tree that produces natural herbicides, one of which is the fragrant leaf tree, which prevents the growth of other plants around it, and the taste of the leaves of this tree is due to the substance it contains. And most housewives use fragrant leaves in food for better taste. If we want to give another example, it is undoubtedly the walnut tree, whose fruit is one of the best edible and valuable fruits.

In addition to trees and the production of natural herbicides, humans also make natural herbicides for their agriculture. There is one type of herbicide that kills all types of plants and there is another type that only kills plants that have broad leaves and do not damage the green space. They are also a type of herbicide that is absorbed by plants and acts like growth hormone.


Types of herbicides:

Stokler herbicide

Oxyfluorfene herbicide

Exadiazone herbicide

Ultima herbicide

EPTC herbicide

Herbicide Ben Sulfuron Methyl

Bentazone herbicide

Butachlor herbicide

Paraquat herbicide

Portillacia herbicide

Pyridate herbicide

Herbalist Terry Benuron Methyl

Trifluralin herbicide

Sulfur sulfur herbicide

Medifam fan herbicide

Des Medifam herbicide

Otofumzite herbicide

Fenoxaprop Pethyl herbicide

Clopiralide herbicide

Clodinafop Propargil herbicide

Glyphosate herbicide

Infectious herbicide

Heroxy Fop R Methyl herbicide

Nomini herbicide

The herbicide metribosin

Dylan Super Herbicide

The herbicide is immediate

m c p a Herbicide

Pendimethalin herbicide

Imaztapir herbicide

Axial herbicide

Dalpone herbicide

Dinitramine herbicide

Dioron herbicide

Cycloxidim herbicide

Flow Azifop P. Butyl herbicide

Film Prop M Isopropyl herbicide

Chloridazone herbicide

The herbicide Clodinafop Propargil

Inoron herbicide

Alcoholic herbicide

The most herbicide

Etal Floralin herbicide

Stokler herbicide

Exadiazone herbicide

EPTC herbicide

Imazametenzemethyl herbicide

Bromoxynil herbicide

The herbicide benzulfuron methyl

Butachlor herbicide

Netazone herbicide

Picloram herbicide

Randap herbicide

Paraquat herbicide

Terflan Herbicide

Glyphosate herbicide

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