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There are different types of fungicides and each of them is used in its own industry, some of which are used in agriculture, some in medicine for antifungal drugs, some in the wood industry to prevent decay of wood textiles, etc. .

In industries that suffer from fungal infections, if antifungals are not used, it can cause serious and great damage. The result is financial loss and subsequent reduction in product quality.

Fungicides cause the colon to die or die. Fangistatic substances in some cases increase the plant’s defense capacity.

The main source of damage to plants and crops are microorganisms and living organisms that pathogenic fungi are at the top of this table. Note that viruses, nematodes, and bacteria can also cause plant diseases.

Necessity of using fungicides:

Disease control during establishment and product development

Reduce crop damage and increase crop production

Improving storage methods and harvest quality

Fungicides are divided into two categories:

Organic fungicides

Dithium carbamates, chloro-benzene derivatives, organic compounds such as tin, azoles, triazoles, peridins, organic mercury compounds, carbamates, phenols

Inorganic fungicides

Mineral compounds such as mercury, sulfur compounds such as sulfur, metal compounds such as chromium-nickel-cadmium, copper compounds such as copper


Types of fungicides:

Copper fungicide

Sulfur fungicide

Systemic fungicide

Carbonated fungicide

Artia fungicide

Amistar Extra fungicide

Oxychloride copper Fungicide

Blackout fungicide

Tachigarn fungicide

Trifemine fungicide

Topas fungicide

Thiophanate methyl fungicide

TWIT Jet fungicide

Daconyl fungicide

Ranman fungicide

The fungicide caroxime methyl

Mancozeb fungicide

The fungicide hexaconazole

Vista fungicide

Lamardor fungicide

Collis Fungicide

Ranman fungicide

Domark fungicide

Opus fungicide

Bicor fungicide

Monserne fungicide

Redomil fungicide

Metalaxyl fungicide

Daconyl fungicide

Topsin fungicide

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