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Latin name: Earwigs

Scientific name: Dermaptera

What do Earwigs look like?

Clamp or placard

Earwigs are exotic insects that have two sharp razor blades protruding from the end of their abdomen. These insects are somewhat threatening, but they are not poisonous and do not transmit the disease and can not spread it.


This Earwigs is also called a double-tailed insect.


Adults range in size from 25 to 25 mm, depending on the type of Earwigs .


They are tall, slender insects with two pairs of wings. Dermaptera means skin wings and this is due to the leathery appearance of the wings and the upper wings are usually located under the front wings.

What is an Earwig?

There are more than twenty species of eardrums in the United States. Some species produce a foul-smelling liquid that they use to defend themselves. Earwig produce a kind of fragrance. Scientists believe that the specific odor is due to their congestion in one place and produced to defend themselves.

There are superstitions about these insects that go into your ear when you are asleep. This is just a myth and has no scientific logic.Earwigs scare a lot of people because of the placards on their backs. Earwigs use these clips to defend and save themselves.


How and where do earwigs live?

In biology, like any other type of insect, it is different from insects with different species. Most types of earwigs generally prefer not to be in cool areas. If the conditions are right, this insect can be a major pest in the garden. They work well if there is enough soil cover, moist soil and nutrients.

earwigs eating habits

earwigs usually sinks on live buds or vegetation, and in rare cases some species of this insect are carnivorous.

Move the earwigs

They move relatively fast. They escape quickly when they move on the ground.

earwigs activity

earwigs are active at night and hide in the grooves during the day in wet areas. They live next to rocks and in pots in the fertilizer area of ​​the pot. Earwax eats plants and insects.

Light or brightness and  earwigs

The earwigs is absorbed by the light of the lamp. They can disturb the yard and backyard on summer nights, and in the morning they gather under things like cushions left in the yard overnight.


How can I get an earwigs?

To help and manage pest control, Sampashan company has considered solutions that have their own special solution for each situation to get rid of these annoying insects and pests forever.

Symptoms of earwigs in your environment:

You should find them in places where there is water, such as the kitchen, bathroom and next to wet clothes. earwigs are sometimes found in the bedroom and living room of the house. They are usually found everywhere in the house, but the pollution caused by them is very low and occurs rarely.

earwigs reproduction:

Female guinea fowl eggs are usually between 30 and 50, but their actual number depends on the species. Earworm eggs mature by the age of four. Smaller ears are similar to adults and only have no wings.

Eliminate earwigs :

The most important thing to do to get rid of earwigs is to destroy their hiding place. If you see them, using an insecticide is not the right way. And there are things that spraying experts can do.

Eliminate living conditions for earwigs :

Cleaning: Moving fixed objects and decors such as decorative stones as well as moving and arranging firewood around the house.

Soil Removal: Creating an area next to the foundation that is free of manure, dead leaves and other organic matter. The dry area should be 6 to 12 inches to be protected from Earwig.  

Trees: Cut down trees and shrubs that create a damp, shady area.

Around the house: You can check around the house to be sure. Adjust irrigation systems to irrigate in the morning and allow your garden to dry during the day.

Light and brightness: Turn on the outdoor light in the yard to keep insects away from the house. If you notice no change in the insect’s movement, change the color of the light from yellow to white because it is more attractive to them.

Dry wet areas: Use a dehumidifier to keep your living space dry.

International Sprayer License 
Ministry of Health spraying license and international sprayer certificate

Ask for help from sprayers:

The best way to prevent these insects is to get help from a spraying company, which will perform steps such as: inspection, identification and control.

Important note :

If you encounter these insects, contact Sampashan Company to clean your place from these pests in the shortest time. One of the specialties of the spraying company in Tehran, which has branches and is available in all areas of Tehran, is the elimination of the Earwig pest.

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