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Detection of insect bites

Insects that bite and how to diagnose the sting and bite of different types of insects:

1- Symptoms of mosquito bites:

Mosquito photo

The mosquito bite is small and round in shape, which dies after the mosquito bites itself, and it has symptoms such as burning and itching, which then turn red and swollen, and after a minute, it becomes hard and swollen. Be aware that mosquitoes may bite several different parts of your body. There are some mosquitoes that also transmit the infection and people who have a sensitive body feel pain in the place of the mosquito bite and instead it becomes too swollen, which is a sign of infection, in which case you must see a doctor.

Photo of mosquito bites

2- Symptoms of fiery ant bites:

Photo of a fiery ant

Fire ant bites are very dangerous and be sure to see a doctor after the bite. Fire ants are small insects that are rough in shape and red and black in color. Their bites are very painful. Their bites are bright red. The wild ant bites and blisters.

Photo of a fiery ant bite

3- Symptoms of flea bites:

flea photo

flea bites are usually seen in clusters on different parts of the lower leg, which show themselves quickly. flea bites also cause itching.

Photo of flea bites

3- Symptoms of bedbug bites:

Bed bugs photo

Bedbug bites are accompanied by a lot of itching that appears as small red dots on the body. These small red blisters are sometimes seen inside those small black dots. Bedbug bites are usually on the hands, feet and back and are sometimes seen on the neck. One of the features of bedbug bites is that it moves in an almost regular line and bites the person.

Bedbug bites are not very dangerous, but if you see it, be sure to spray your living space, because it spreads quickly throughout the house and covers all duvets, mattresses, beds and wooden utensils, and other people may enter the house. Infect each other and their bites are harmful to other people.

Photo of bed bug bites

4- Symptoms of lice bites:

Photo of lice

Lice bites are seen as nests in the head and body. The lice themselves are tiny white insects that are located almost close to the hair follicles. If their life span is long on the head and body, it thickens part of the skin to feed from there. There are different types of lice parasites, all of which feed on human blood. The lice bite causes very severe itching, which thickens the scalp or body.

Photo of lice bites

5- Bite symptoms:

Take a picture

The tick bite site is painful and causes a large blister that is accompanied by burning. The tick bite is very itchy and causes shortness of breath. If the mite bites you, know that its place will remain for a long time to disappear. Fangs are usually solitary and are rarely seen in groups.

Tick ​​bites are very dangerous and can transmit many infections and diseases. Ticks or stings cause Crimean Congo fever.

Take a photo of the sting

6- Symptoms of Scabies sarcoptus bite:

Photo of scabies or scabies

The sting of this insect causes scabies or scabies. Symptoms appear after 4 to 6 weeks, and the sting site is severely itchy and has small blisters.

The disease is contagious and is easily transmitted by direct contact with skin and clothing. If you see a doctor, be sure to follow the health tips.

Photo of scabies or scabies

7- Symptoms of spider bites:

Photo of a spider

Spider bites are very dangerous and you should see a doctor. Most spiders are not dangerous to humans, but some of them are very dangerous and their bites are similar to bee stings. Types of dangerous spiders: Tarantula spider, Hobo spider, wolf spider, brown spider. The spider replaces the purulent red pimples, which later cause many allergies.

Photo of a spider bite

8- Symptoms of bee stings:

Bee photo

The bee sting is red and causes itching. If the bee has an infection, it causes a lot of inflammation and pain. There are some people who die from bee stings. Some bees can only bite once and then die. But bovine bees can bite several times.

Photo of a bee sting

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