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Dangers of home spraying

The dangers of home spraying relate to the actions that are taken before and after the spraying operation, as well as the person or company that performs the operation for you. Being an expert in the field of home spraying is an important thing that you should pay attention to when contacting a spraying company so that your time and money are not wasted.

What is basic spraying?

The work is done by the spraying company, approved by the Ministry of Health, and the use of new methods according to the latest science in the world, as well as the use of high-quality and first-class poison. It sells separately according to your request, which means that if you have the necessary skills to eliminate pests from your place of residence, you can easily buy your first-class poison from sprayers.

All employees of this company also have degrees in toxicology and entomology, and this makes the spraying of houses and other insects in a completely principled and accurate manner.

Photo of home spraying

The dangers of home spraying are divided into two categories

Pesticides: Kill insects.

Rodents: include mice and other mammals.

These two groups can endanger the health of humans and other living organisms. Using pesticides, pets or children can be exposed to the toxin by inhaling it, and the pesticide will be in contact, which will cause the toxin to enter their lungs, often due to the use of rodenticides. It is prey, dogs, cats and even children, when they see it, think that it is a food item and eat some of it and are poisoned, and these are among the dangers of home spraying.

Photo of the dangers of home spraying

How to use poisons and pesticides

We must first know how toxic a substance is and how effective it is, as these products are both carcinogenic and toxic.

You need to minimize the damage that can be done to you and other people in the home and is in addition to the risks of home spraying. As you know, contact, breathing, eating these substances lead to serious injuries. These substances enter your body through the skin, lungs, eyes and mouth. And most importantly, the fastest way to transfer these substances is through your skin. Whether the material is powdered or steamed, you should always wear gloves and never forget this. Wearing long pants, sleeved clothes, wearing socks and shoes, special gloves are some of the important things that you should consider when spraying houses.

Dangers of home spraying for people

Never spray yourself at home, and this will not only not solve your problem, but it will make the pests resistant to all kinds of toxins and make them last longer.

  • Spraying is a specialized profession that should be performed by entomologists.
  • You do not know what poison to use for the insect.
  • You are not sure what dose of poison to use for home spraying.
  • You do not know how much water the poison should be mixed with.
  • You do not know what can damage your health when spraying.
  • You do not have a full face mask for spraying and a professional sprayer.
  • Where to spray to kill the insect.
  • What should be observed before spraying the house.
  • What should you do after spraying at home?
  • You can not spray your house with a salt glass.
Photo of the dangers of home spraying

Important note :

Always read the instructions on poisons and pesticides. On all these products, in addition to the instructions for using the materials, there are also preventive points that must be read and observed.

They use special words on products that have a high percentage of toxins and risks. For example:

“Caution” The possibility of danger

“Warning” more danger

“Danger” dangerous products and more side effects

Dangers of home spraying

Ways to minimize the dangers of home spraying

Spraying is a specialized thing. In this practice, you must get help from a professional team to eliminate pests, and these companies minimize the risks of home spraying by providing relevant training and using standard instructions. For any kind of control and elimination of pests, contact the relevant expert in Sampashan company.

If you have a child, pet, fish in the house, stay away from the house and spraying area.

Wear safety clothing and do not forget the mask and gloves.

Buy poison from a safe place.

Minimize contact with toxic substances.

Do not use products that contain: chlorpyrifos, diazinon, fesmet, neld, tetrachlorovinifez, malathion, dichlorvos, etc.

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