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Cchf virus

What is cchf?

The general origin of cchf virus is ticks and it can be said that transmission through tick bites is faster.

There are several reasons for the spread of this disease among the public:

1- Public awareness and information has increased

2- Livestock are carriers without symptoms (the farmer does not notice this disease of the livestock and it does not matter to him because it does not cause a problem for the livestock to pursue the treatment of his livestock and also does not cause financial damage for the farmer)

3- Unauthorized entry of livestock from the borders of the country and without quarantine causes the severity of this disease and its spread to other parts of the country. Last year in Kelardasht, some people were infected with cchf disease. After examination, it was found that the infected livestock had entered the northeastern provinces of Iran.

4 – Ticks in nature in small larval stages attack small animals.

5. Ticks travel thousands of kilometers both through livestock and migratory birds.

6 – The solution to this problem is not only possible through the Ministry of Health but also the cooperation of various organizations, especially the municipal veterinary organization and … is also needed.

Cchf virus

The Ministry of Health is not indifferent to this issue, with the training of experts, assistants and doctors on the agenda. Brochures and books in this field are published every year and sent to health centers across the country.

Therefore, the control of this disease can be successful with the serious support of the Ministry of Interior, the Veterinary Organization and the Ministry of Health.

After the necessary measures by the organizations and investigations, if you notice the presence of this virus in livestock, be sure to contact the spraying company for spraying pests and livestock pests, so that the necessary instructions can be provided by the free consultants of this spraying company. Be sure to get rid of this pest and virus completely with the right spray.

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