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Alert mode for winged insects

The reduction of winged insects has reached the warning level !!!

Insects play a vital role in the human food chain by helping to pollinate plants, and as the population of some insects around the world decreases, the population of winged insects in Germany has declined alarmingly. Researchers in Germany have said that the evidence gathered shows that the number of winged insects in the country has dropped dramatically compared to about three decades ago, and that these creatures are rarely seen in some areas.Previous research has shown that the populations of some insects, especially butterflies and wild bees, in parts of the world, especially Europe and North America, have declined significantly in recent years, but this is the first report of the extinction of more than three-quarters of the population of most winged insects. Germany is compared to the year. AD. The probable reason given was the widespread use of pest spraying and the loss of suitable habitats for insects.  

Winged insects

This development has caused researchers to be concerned that insects play a key role in plant pollination and are an important part of the human food chain. Insects also feed on many birds and small animals. In a recent study, researchers compared adhesive tapes to target areas and counted the number of insects trapped, comparing this figure with previous data. The comparison shows that over the past three years, the population of winged insects in the six protected habitats in Germany has declined by an average of 3%, with the largest decrease in summer (5%).The concern is that the study areas include protected natural areas, and the situation is likely to be much worse elsewhere. The report does not provide a specific reason for the decline in insect populations, but given that the protected areas are located next to agricultural land, there is a possibility of spraying in this area.One of the researchers said that the whole ecosystem depends on the existence of insects as food for other organisms and the main causes of plant pollination, and reducing insect populations can have serious consequences for nature and humans. According to him, although there may be several factors involved in reducing the population of insects, but we know that the use of plant toxins is one of them and efforts should be made to reduce their use as much as possible.

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